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Preparing For Your First Flight? This is What You Should Know

January 8, 2018 Sudhanshu Malik 0Comment

Itinerary– One of the major point of concerns that need to be tranquilized as soon as you start preparing for your Journey.  Itinerary- a list or a document that is made before the journey to include everything right from the starting of the journey to the end.  Different mode of traveling includes different types of preparation, whether it is via train, by road or via plane.   

Traveling via plane- One of the safest mode of traveling, also the mode of traveling that saves your time and provides you comfort. Preparing on the first flight has always been an indelible experience. While preparing for the flight, if you don’t organize your Itinerary. You might get jumbled. It is also true that the experience that you will get during your first flight somehow depends on how well you have prepared yourself for the flight.    

Now, let’s discuss some of the vital points that need to be considered while preparing for the first flight to make it memorable or comfortable the way you expect it to be. 

ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR DESTINATION AND BUY TICKETS– In today’s world, there are large numbers of platforms that are available in the market for buying a flight ticket.  It can either directly through the counter or via any soft mode I.e. website or mobile app. is one of the platforms that provides you “head to toe” information of any destination and flights linked to it and also contains offers for its customers.  Your tickets are completely dependent on the validity of your passport and visa (in case you are traveling abroad). Whereas no such document is required if you are planning to travel via a domestic flight or within your country.   

Photo identification Proof-  A Government approved photo identification proof that confesses who you are should always be handy.  Passport carrying for this purpose is also a photo ID.  While traveling abroad- Passport serves the purpose but for domestic flights.  Any document such as driver’s license, a passport can serve the purpose.   

LUGGAGE– It has always been the point of concern while traveling.  No matter, whether it’s train, by road or by plane. How much luggage you should carry! What thing to be packed! And many more question that erupts in mind while loading bags.  There is no such restriction with other modes of traveling but for flights.  Your luggage weight, as well as measurement, must be according to the company’s policy with which you are traveling.  If not necessary, don’t carry extra luggage as it can injure your pocket.  This is very crucial and the first step that you encounter when you enter the airport.  To make it easy and comfortable. Do it as per the company’s policy. Also, carefully segregate you checked baggage and hand baggage.   

ARRIVING AT AIRPORT– can also be a point to be kept in mind for a sound full start of your journey. Be at airport 2-3 hours prior to your departure time. So that you can easily and without tension pass through all the check-in procedure.  

PASS THROUGH SECURITY CHECKS AND SEGREGATION OF LUGGAGE– This is a very crucial point and any lapse in this can hinder your travel.  Show your flight ticket and ID proof to pass through a first security checkpoint.  This will lead you to luggage submission.  Segregate your luggage which has already been packed according to company’s policy.  Here comes a point of happiness.  Where you had prior knowledge of luggage handling and this would have given you a comfort while dealing with this.  Collect your boarding pass. Pass through all the security checkpoints. Do as you are told to do I.e. taking off your shoes, your jacket, wallet, belt, any electronic item such as mobile and laptop. Put them in a plastic tray. Retrieve all the items once you pass security checkpoints. 

FIND YOUR GATE– A crucial yet very easy.  Your boarding pass contains all the information.  Important is your gate information from where you are to board the flight.  Check that gate number and be there until your group is called by flight agent.  approach the boarding gate and board the flight.  Excited! Yes, you should be! Don’t panic or rush. Cabin crew is there to guide you to your seat.  Put all your hand luggage in the overhead cabin and heavy bag beneath your seat.   

Enjoy your journey! 

Once your journey is finished.  Collect all your hand luggage and checked luggage from the conveyer belt at airport. 

Faremachine, even today wishes you and has always been wishing you for a comfortable stay. And for this moto in mind, we always try to assess your problems & find and suggest the perfect solutions as per your requirement. 


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