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Be it a quick weekend getaway or an emergency; an unplanned journey can burn a hole in the pocket particularly when it comes to flights that represent the biggest chunk of the trip expenses. Nothing strikes more fear amongst the budget traveler than a high priced last-minute plane ticket. It’s a common notion amongst the travel fraternity that perfect deals can be secured only 3 weeks or more in advance. This is not always the case and good bargains await those who can hold on for longer; researching a bit more with patience and persistence. However, a cheap last minute deal also essentially depends on factors such as where one intends to travel and the time of the year.

Overall, contrary to popular belief, booking a ticket late is Often cheaper, provided you are flexible on certain things as destination and time of flying. There is no 100% guarantee that price will fall as the days draw closer to the flight date-but when they do, savings can be substantial. According to the current landscape of last minute travel, it requires much more research and preparation on part of the travelers.

Take for example, Christmas days are packed with people booking in advance weeks before and a popular theory is that the earlier you book during Christmas the cheaper it will be, even travel agents swear by the escalating prices as the day draws closer. But avid travelers have a different story to tell, they leave it until the last minute to book flights and find cheaper deals closer to the flight days. The difference in the most expensive to cheapest price can go up to $1500 which will make you exalt on the fact that you held out till late.

After all the perfect travel deals on earth are often the 11th-hour ones.    

Here we explain in detail how to save money on the last minute flight deal with a broad guideline on the perfect practices one should follow to save money on the last minute flight deal.     

Be Flexible with the date and location

Getting a wallet-friendly last-minute flight deal really comes down to how flexible you are with your dates when you are likely to depart. The more date combinations you put into your search, the better will be the chances of nabbing a well-priced last-minute fare. Fixed dates can impede on your chances of securing a economical ticket and you are likely to end up spending more. The same goes for location. Searching for flights to multiple destinations betters your odds of hitting on a good last-minute deal.

Sign up for daily alerts on a couple of comparison websites

A good way to keep a tap on prices without spending getting glued to the computer screen is to sign up for alerts on comparison websites that sends notification via email when the price change. In case you are in a fix whether to book now or hold on unto a later date, then many of these sites also have a price forecast tool in place that predicts prices taking into account lots of factors that affect the overall pricing. 

Note: Travel agencies such as Expedia and Travelocity are worthwhile to check on because these sites will tell you a way out by flying cheaper on one airline and back by another. No airline will tell if it’s cheaper to fly with them and return via a different airline.

It’s important to check with many search engines as some do not include budget airlines as these carriers don’t want to pay back the commission while others may not include those carriers that are not English. Air Asia, Ryanair and many other budget airlines do not feature on large sites like Kayak, Expedia, or Orbitz. US booking sites tend not to include the obscure foreign airlines that other international sites like Skyscanner or Momondo do. Also, booking sites have a few blind spots — they don’t cover every region and every airline equally.

Sign up for travel reward and incentive programs

Airline always wants to build a relationship with their customers and these miles programs are of a great benefit to frequent travelers for reaping rewards and exclusive travel deals are sent right into your inbox.

Always make sure that you take advantage of your points, by signing up for all the airline programs. Check out for the program’s earning and redemption value, other benefits, network coverage and codeshares and the award flight availability. Top rated programs are Alaska airline mileage program, Delta SkyMiles, JetBlue’s TrueBlue, American Airlines AAdvantage, South West Rapid Rewards, United Mileage Plus, Frontier Miles, Free Spirit, and Frontier Miles.

  • Note that signing up for alerts with travel website will also make you eligible for receiving mail alerts when prices drop down however they don’t include affordable promo code fares which is an advantage when you sign up directly with your favorite airline.
  • Many airlines put up private sales reserved for their own site and these are even different from the promo code sales.

All alerts work differently so make sure you do not miss out on any of your favorite airlines (just in case a few extra emails are not much of a hassle for you).

Wondering when you get to choose your first dib on an award seat? For that, you need to check out your airline’s reward flight calendar  to find out if you can encash the accumulated air miles instead of dollars to leave for your preferred destination

Follow the airline on Twitter

Twitter is more instant when it comes to short lived economical airfares so it’s perfect to follow those airlines you are interested in on Twitter.

Be a point enthusiast

There is an entire internet community that is obsessive about their credit card points and tracks them religiously so they can leverage them for travel freebies.

There is almost no limit to the ways you can utilize a credit card to gain travel points, and these can really come handy when it comes to booking an expensive last-minute airfare.

For more flexibility, get a credit card that lets you transfer miles to a variety of airlines, like American Express and Citibank Thank You Preferred.

Last minute deals and airline sales

Sites like Airfare Watch Dog lookout for a sudden drop in airfare prices and unusual airfare deals and alerts the followers for the same. They also send followers the promo codes and other airfare deals which are frugal.

Check out a travel agent for a consolidator fare

Don’t rule out the travel agencies, Sometimes these travel brokers offer cheaper tickets than what is directly available with the airline. Fares available with them at last minute will get you some rock bottom price particularly to international destinations.

Don’t always fly direct

Like date and destination, its also recommended being flexible with the route as well. Sometimes it is cheaper to fly to a particular destination and then use a local air carrier for the remaining journey. Taking a regular flight up until a part of the journey and then flying with one of the many budget carriers that exist around the world to the final destination makes a much frugal decision. Or considering a different airline while returning home is one of the other viable means to save on flight cost.

Airlines are under pressure to make a profit amidst intense competition. Additionally, since airlines have slashed routes and capacity, they have begun to fly nearly or mostly full capacity. Fuller planes mean there is hardly a room for incentivized reduce fares.

But that doesn’t mean their decks are fully stacked up against those looking for the last minute economical flight deals. Still, every day airlines come up with thousands of killer deals — from mistakenly published economical fares to flash sales and affordable fares to compete with another airline. Economical fares are out there if you know how to find them and we can help you find those. Here we have listed several effective tips on how to secure and save money on last minute flight deals. Do check other write-ups on how to secure a economical air ticket for yourself.

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