Sky Lantern Festival (Taiwan)

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Being a traveler, we always think about our favorite destinations. Sometimes few questions arise in our mind like ‘Which place on globe did we like the most?’ Or ’where should I go?’; so if you are planning for a trip then Taiwan is a good choice. The traveler will be surprised to go to such a tiny interesting island. Taiwan is located in the pacific Ocean, southeastern coast in China. They can reach there from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport which is the main international airport. It is located 40 km Taipei. It is also famous for greenery due to the presence of a lush tropical forest. The capital city is covered by mountains with Yangmingshan National Park within 12 kilometers from the Taipai.

Sparkling and Colorful Festival of Taiwan: The calendar of Taiwan is abundant with attractive holidays and celebrations. Few of the fascinating festivals are:

International Balloon Festival 

During this festival, colorful, big, beautiful hot air balloons float in the air. Tourists can enjoy the glimpse of the colors and splendor in the skies. They can catch the beauty of the green valley below. This festival includes mooring activities, flying shows, balloon rides, balloon wedding celebrations, night glow music and summer camp.

Festival of Dragon Boat

A festival of dragon boat is celebrated on the 5th day of 5th lunar month in every year. It has a prominent history with many more stories elaborating about its origin.

Matsu Pilgrimage festival

It is also one of Taiwan’s famous religious festivals. It started on the night of April 5 with a celebration to see the idol of the sea goddess. The Matsu Pilgrimage festival displays its own distinct history and art. The festival begins with the competition where local and foreign entertainers perform and take photographs.

Festival of Taiwan Lantern

Festival of Taiwan Lantern is celebrated annually on the 15 the day of the first lunar month. It’s also well known for finale of the Chinese New year celebrations. This festival is celebrated during the full moon day as the symbol of the coming spring. On this day people enjoy family dinner together, solving the riddles on the lanterns, carrying paper lanterns and eating delicious food. It is also known as Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival. As per Pingxi’s elders, its history originated in the Xing Dynasty, more that two thousand years ago.

The main attractions on this day include people buying a lantern and scribbling their ambitions and desires on it. Then it is floated in the sky as the symbol of heaven. These beautiful and spiritual lanterns are made out of oiled rice paper, bamboo filaments, sheepskin, silk or satin outfitted with huge candles at the bottom of the balloon. People lit it up and the lantern takes flight. It linger in the air looking beautiful. The sky is filled with mesmerizing lights.

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