Snorkeling and the Beach at Hanauma Bay in Oahu

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“I think one travels more usefully when they travel alone, because they reflect more.”- Thomas Jefferson, the Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 11: January 1787 to August 1787. Keeping that in mind, I’ve got to confess, I can’t do without travelling. “Being out there in the ocean, God’s creation, it’s like a gift He has given us to enjoy.”-Bethany Hamilton. Keeping these in mind I’ve got to confess that the Road’s my home, the sun and the moon and the stars, the deep blue sea, my family. Bored with the land, I thought of getting out into the blue ocean. It was like, after a long time, the ocean and its beaches were beckoning me; to embrace me. And I longed for its for its embrace. So, I set out! I drove straight to the Hanauma Bay.

On Road….

It was 4 in the morning when I left my Kapilina Beach Home. Driving in the foggy morning was very difficult, yet thrilling. After 35 miles and 52 minutes of driving through the deserted streets, I reached the no-man’s iles. The broad, curled yet out-stretched bay of the deep blue sea and protected by the reefs aided by the palm trees is gives it the appearance of an emerald cast amidst several pieces of turquoise. Why’d I come here? I came here for its illustrious scenery; I came here for the beach, but moreover, to snorkel.

The Bay

Formed by an ancient volcanic activity, The Hanauma Bay is a magnificent marine ecosystem and is home to a variety of fauna and flora. It is also haven to the snorkelers as I’ve already mentioned.

Since I reached early, I was able to view the dark sky clothe herself with the magnificent royal gown of red and her head decked with the diadem of the golden sun. Ah me! What splendor! While the sea in reflection, became as if a long stretch of pure gold under the feet of the queenly Sky. Since, it was still pretty early, I was able to find out some quiet place on the beach and sitting on a rock spent a good amount of time, paying tribute to the Majestic Nature, as some lover enchanted by the beauty of his beloved. However as the day dawned further, the Bay was filled with people.

Being a Nature Preserve operated by the State Government, its unblemished natural environment is protected, preserved and thus unadulterated. I walked up the steep mounds to take a good look at the whole beach. The more I beheld, the greater I was mesmerized.

Going close to the shallow waters, I was greeted by shoals of fishes of so many different colors. From silver to the bright blue parrot fish, they were all there. It was as if they had come to say “hi!” Along with the fishes, followed the turtles.

Into The Depths of The Ocean…

One of the most striking about snorkeling is how very less amount of equipment you really require.  After putting on the mask, a snorkel, and a pair of comfy set of fins, I plunged into the depths of the blue waters.  And slowly and steadily, I dived to the depths. To see the fishes swimming in their God-given homes under water, to see the turtle sand tortoises was such an awesome feel. Certain fishes I came across were Threadfin Butterflyfish, Orange Band Surgeonfish. To add on, the corals were something that if I hadn’t seen, would have had seen nothing. The coral of Hanauma Bay being haven to more than 450 varieties of fish, along with octopus, crabs, etc. is a fully living coral forest which not only keeps on growing but also feeds the residents. The disposable underwater camera certainly did an awesome job of taking some awesome pictures of these hidden treasures underneath the deep blue sea, which would certainly ignite the memories in future.

After that awesome experience, my tummy growled so I headed Greece. Okay!  okay! I know! I know! Don’t give me that jaw-open look. I didn’t exactly go to Greece, rather to a restaurant that served Greek food. The Restaurant named Greek Marina. The restaurant has a fame of having authentic Greek cuisine. After some sumptuous Dolmades (Grape leaves swathed around a mixture of rice, spices, tomato; served with sauce made from yogurt). And as I went up the rocky cliff for a walk; I beheld the glorious sun set into the waters, the sky was lightened with several millions of stars. And I boarded back on to my car and drove back to my house in Kapilina Beach Home with a host of memories to cherish.

A Few Reasons To Why You should Go to Hanauma Bay

  1. The sea that is affixed with the Bay, is home to a variety of fishes, rays, turtles etc. They’ll come so close to you that you can literally touch them. Take pictures, through your underwater cameras.
  2. The coral is abode to more than 450 assortments of fish, octopus, crabs, turtles, rays & eels. This Hanauma Bay is full of a live coral forest which keeps on growing and feeding the occupant animals. These formations and the resident creatures make one of the most beautiful underwater landscapes existent. The coral reefs are a clear proof under Heaven, of the natural-beauty and attract several visitors to Hanauma Bay per year.
  3. First time huh? Wondering if you can snorkel? Well If you know how to swim, you can definitely snorkel. You really don’t need special training for that. The instruction you are given just before you enter the water, will be more than enough.
  4. Disgusted with the pollution in the city and raging sky strippers? The beautiful blue water of the sea and the crystal clear sky are those things why you should get to the Hanauma Bay.
  5. Havoc of your daily lives? Need some peace? The Bay gives you just that.

Certain Tips Before you Snorkel

If you’re a beginner, these tips should definitely help you :

  1. Your snorkel-mask must fit your face. Hold the mask to the face and breathe gently in through your nose.
  2. It’s better if the fins you use, are a bit bigger than being too small. They will slip-on better once you’ve both your feet are wet.
  3. It’s no use snorkeling if you can’t see a thing, so try using lotions to defog.
  4. Do keep yourself to limits that you can take, do not go beyond such limits as to which could cause you harm.

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