A Stroll Through The Ohio Renaissance Festival

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The word which in French signifies Re-birth, was a time crowned with great artists, painter, sculptors, writers, dramatists and decked with the ornaments of beautiful sculptures, basilicas, and other magnificent and majestic works of art. From Michael Angelo to Tintoretto, from Marlowe to Shakespeare, this was the magnificent Renaissance which changed the History of civilization in Europe and the whole world bridging the gaps between the Middle Ages and The Modern Era. One would ponder at what Protagoras said about Humanity “Man is the measure of all things.” Renaissance redefined humanity that way.

Have you ever wondered what the Period actually looked like? How would you eh? Well, sit on a time-machine and walk with me through that great Era. Okay, well not exactly Europe but Harveysburg, Ohio. Now! Now! You don’t have to open your mouth wide! From fire-eaters, brave knights, the artisan market to the king’s feast, jesters, jugglers, rides, and much more! For the week, spend a fun-filled weekend at one of the biggest renaissance festivals in the United States.

What can You Do?

  • Fun-Themed Weekends

The permanent village with a circumference of 30 acres an every year gets decked both authentically and historically, re-created as the 16th Century England and has extraordinary promotions each weekend. From costume parties to Barbarian Invasion of England to Romance and Tricks or Treats Weekend, its one of the most amazing weekends you’ll ever have.

  • Entetainment

There is a lot to see and witness on the 14 stages. It is advisable not to the miss the forceful action as the Knights of Valour wrangle 3 times each day. Comedies along with swordplay interlock when The Swordsmen showcase their sharp skills and wit. The festival also provides you additional excitement bound to make you thrilled with human-powered rides, warhorse rides, camel rides, the Tower of London Dungeon of Doom and, the Amazing Maze, etc.

  • Shopping

The marketplace provides us with handmade merchandise which includes exemplary items created by first-class artisans. Witness the demonstrations of traditional crafts inclusive of glassblowing, blacksmithing, leather tooling, boot making, forging weaving etc.

  • Food

Indulge into traditional cuisines of the era and treat yourself with giant roasted turkey legs or steak-on-a-stake, bread bowl soups, The Chocolate Raven’s home-made chocolates and fudge can is bound to make you hungry. Archibald Drake’s traditional Fish and Chips recipe followed by KJ’s Cajun Cuisine’s menu makes your mouth water. Lastly, you’ll find a wide range of beers, wines, ales, soft drinks, coffees, teas etc.

  • Who said grown-ups can’t have fun huh? Here’s what you can do:

The festival provides every day out of the ordinary events for those of the age of 21 and above. The Naughty Bawdy Pub Show will make you tune in to songs and sonnets you have never heard on the streets in a one hour-long show.This year, you can test your memory and play Willy Nilly Trivia while at the Pub Crawl.

Certain things you need To Know If You’re Going To The Old Renaissance Festival:

  1. When? If this has stirred up your Wanderlust, you’d like to know when this festival starts and ends. Well, The Old Renaissance Festival being an annual festival runs on 9 consecutive Saturdays, Sundays, and Labor Day Monday from Sept. 2 through Oct. 29.
  2. Where? The Festival takes place in Renaissance Park, Harveysburg. Located in Warren County.
  • Cost Of Tickets: Tickets: Adults $22.50; Children $9.50 (ages 5-12); Children under 5 free.

To conclude, if you’re desirous to visit this magnificent festival, you could check out our website at

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