Summer Travel: Fun Ideas for Personalized Luggage Tags

October 10, 2017 Priyannkaa Dey 0Comment

Summer brings a smile on the faces of every parent, teacher, and child considering it is also the time for summer vacations. Everywhere booking for flights, trains, cabs, etc starts and thus, starts the full-fledged plan for summer travel season.

The next big thing on everyone’s mind is what to carry, how to carry, luggage tags, suitcase covers etc! Cramming everything into a bag by pushing the limits can have its consequences. However, more important is that you choose a luggage bag according to the vacation destination, length of the trip and the mode of transport which will also decide how much luggage you can carry.

Luggage tags are important nowadays where you can write your details like name and contact details in case your luggage gets lost. However, airport tags are not reliable as they can get torn or wet, thus, smudging information and making it easier for a thief to steal your expensive leather luggage.

It is always better to be safe than sorry! According to the climatic conditions of your summer travel destination, one can also carry luggage cover, suitcase covers, plastic luggage covers and waterproof luggage covers. These can be personalized too according to your interest and suitability.

Leather luggage especially requires good care and durable luggage covers. Hardcore explorers and travelers especially need to be careful about their stuff and carry proper plastic luggage covers, waterproof luggage covers to make sure their luggage is safe.

Personalized leather luggage tags are quite interesting. Some may even give a cautionary sign that literally states- ‘It is not your bag’. This will not only be a fun idea but also dissuade anyone from circumstantially picking up your bag. Moreover, it will make it easier to spot your luggage in a crowd as the luggage tags will stand out and give a quirky feel.

Few travelers may even prefer size or color specifications too. Some of them prefer the tags to be colored, dyed and cut in a fashionable and unique way according to the size of the bag. Even luggage cover, suitcase covers, plastic luggage covers, waterproof luggage cover can be personalized. A proper attachment to the travel bag like a cable or chain is also important.

If one is very choosy, then customize your luggage tags and luggage covers according to your preference with some color. One can select from plethora of colors or a mix of the favorites. You can choose to get your personal details like name, phone number and address engraved on your luggage tags which will be useful in case unfortunately the luggage does not reach the destination.

Some outrageous luggage tags like ‘Get Lost’ can actually attract attention to your leather luggage tags or even luggage covers. It will also keep your luggage safe from others who purposefully or accidentally take your bag. For people worried about the cost of leather luggage tags and waterproof luggage covers, they are quite affordable. You can replace them too or keep multiple ones.

A personalized luggage tag screaming out your name is a good idea! Explore the world of these beautiful, colorful beauties made of plastic or leather or brass. Thus, make your luggage stand out among the crowd of boring luggage tags and luggage covers!

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