Thanksgiving Flight Ticket Deals
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Thanksgiving Flight Ticket Deals

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Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year in the US and this year in 2018, the Thanksgiving Day is on the 22nd November.

As a thumb rule, the first couple of weeks in November are certainly cheaper to buy air tickets for traveling at a  later date. Everyone is waiting to grab the exclusive Thanksgiving flight deals and offers as there will be some dirt cheap economical flight tickets available may be a week or 10 days prior to the Thanksgiving day, 2018. According to a recent analysis, there were lots of low price fares available for domestic flying in the US for as less as $400 for a round trip last year.

Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales as well so these are the perfect days to fulfill your travel aspirations.

It’s the greatest Pre-Christmas shopping savage marked by some genuine marketing gimmicks. This is particularly true when it comes to the airline industry as they come with lots of innovative ideas to divert customer’s spending towards purchasing tickets valid for future travel so airlines have money at hand to offset their dwindling profit margins arising out of a high number of flights operating during peak season on all popular sectors that intensifies competition marked by low airfare prices. Airlines launch discounts on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday as they want to cash in too on customer’s spending spree and also because this is the 2nd perfect shopping time next to Christmas with a high upsurge in spendings.

It’s not just the airline but also related players in the industry like hotels, cruise lines, and other travel ancillary providers that offer discounts and deals on travel.

Round-Trip Thanksgiving flight deals

There are lots of airlines that offer lucrative discounts on Thanksgiving day to all popular destinations within the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. All prominent airline unleash their flash sales and affordable air tickets including United, Qantas, American, Alaska airline, Delta, La Compaigne and many others. Those who want to fly during December or fly in 2019 can cash on this opportunity as tickets can be booked for a travel at a later date that can extend beyond 2018 and go up to the few initial months of 2019. Save big, plan to book low-cost flight tickets on this Thinks Giving 2018 or keep a tap on airline flash sales a week before to get the maximum benefit.

Thanksgiving flight deals for cheap business class and non-stop flights

You can embark on the journey to your preferred domestic or international destination by booking economical on the Thanksgiving day. With an increase in the number of flights, the advantage lies with the customer to take advantage of competition and easy availability of flights to the preferred destination. Airlines reduce their profit margins and aim to fly full to take advantage of higher passenger influx.

Discover the Perfect Beaches with economical Thanksgiving Flight Deals

Enjoy the Perfect Family Vacation with economical Thanksgiving Flight Deals

Fabulous Thanksgiving flight deals and discounts 

Last year there were many famous deals offered by many international airlines. There were many noteworthy Thanksgiving flight deals and many airlines jumped in this foray to beat the competition. 


One of the many famous deals was from the Icelandic budget airlines, WOW air that came up with their hot and popular Thanksgiving flight deal of the year by offering an all-time low of $99 one way to several exotic destinations like Reykjavik, Paris, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen.

There Purple Friday sale also made quite a stir, however, do note that Wow Air charges for everything except stepping inside the plane.

Cathay Pacific

Last year they were offering discounts on Business Class flights to as much as 60% off. This was one of the perfect bargains on Business Class deals with one of the perfect airlines in the world. They also came up with their perfect Premium Economy Sale where tickets were priced as much as half the regular fare.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines last year Thanksgiving sale to the newly announced route of The Azores where a round trip in the coach class was priced at $599. An award ticket to this route was also dropped to as less as 11,000 miles each way.

Aer Lingus

They had an offer of $50 off on travel to Ireland for East cost fliers and $100 for the West cost flyers.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest offered a $250 off on flight and hotel packages via its Southwest Vacations inc.

However, the caution to be followed during the Thanksgiving flight ticket sales is to read between the lines as the economical ticket deal comes with many restrictive conditions and caveats. Some may restrict flying to certain dates, others may give a flat half cut on the expensive fare that people seldom buy. One key rule is that airlines always want to fill the week travel period by offering discounts when fewer people travel out so it’s important to check the fine prints of all the conditions involved.

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