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Ultimate Things to do in Los Angeles for Tourists

February 16, 2016 Nency Willims 0Comment

For both locals and visitors, Los Angeles will always have something new or old you have not done yet. There are several museums you have not visited, a sports game or event you have always wanted to attend and other several thrills you would willingly indulge into. If you are planning a visit, you will regret having not:-

Taken the Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood

universal studios hollywood

To understand why they prefer entertainment capital of the world to Los Angeles, take the studio tour. It has been around since 1915 and gives visitors a powerful insight into how movies come to be.

Strolled into the Walt Disney Concert Hall to enjoy the LA Philharmonic

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA is an architectural marvel and has excellent sound. It has received applause from concert goers around the world and will the place to be for a live experience of the LA Phil and the LA Master Chorale.

Seen the champions play

This is home to Lakers, Clippers, UCLA Bruins, Galaxy, Ducks, Kings and USC Trojans. If you are a big fan of a particular sports team, plan your trip accordingly to see in action while visiting LA. Most people would especially want to see The Lakers play. If you are a true baseball do not go home without having set your feet at the famous Dodger stadium which has hosted eight World Series.

Having cruised the Sunset Strip

cruised the sunset strip

This is perfect done in a car and you would better be the one driving it. The sunset strip is in West Hollywood and as you cruise the stretch, you get to see music venues like Whisky A Go Go and the Eveleigh in a flash.

Visiting the Runyon Canyon

The Runyon Canyon Park has a reputation for being the perfect hiking place in LA. The 90 acre park is not too far from the city and is frequented by visitors who hope to spot a celebrity; Hollywood stars like hiking here too. The park offers spectacular views of popular Hollywood attractions like The Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Museum and The Hollywood & Highland Centre.

Dining at the Wolfgang PackĀ 

Are Hollywood Stars for real? Yes they are and if you are going to visit Los Angeles, make sure you at least spot one. There is no better strategy than dining at the Wolfgang Puck at The Hotel Bel-Air. Celebrities love this place and if you show up, you will be in position to sight one or even interact; chances are, they will mistake you for a star they have not heard about.

Toured the museums

Los Angeles Museums are known to house world-famous art collections. An example of a masterpiece many and art lover clamors to see is Irises which was created by Vincent van Gogh and now resides at the Getty Center in Brentwood.

There are several other attractions worth seeing. You simply cannot exhaust it all unless you move!

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