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Tips and Tricks for Weather Delays and Flight Cancellation

December 21, 2016 Nency Willims 0Comment

Anyone who is a regular flight trotter knows that weather delays and flight cancellations are regular occurrences. Seasoned travelers always dedicate some time to research before booking tickets and even leaving their homes for airport.

Booking Tickets

It is always advisable to book tickets a few weeks in advance. Booking tickets 21 days prior to the flight date is considered to be the best time to book air ticket. This is when the fare is most likely to be the least. In addition to this, you should consider checking the weather for booking day. This can be done on numerous weather websites like Yahoo Weather.

Delay or Cancellation

In case of delays, it is up to you to wait for the flight or not. You can definitely check with the airline about the status of your flight. If waiting isn’t your forte then you should consider making checking the cancellation policy of the airline. Most airlines enable passengers to cancel their tickets and get a full refund if the flight was delayed or cancelled. In case they still do not provide complete refund, you should consider talking to your lawyer. They will get you the complete amount.

Tip: Use twitter to complain about the services of the airline. They will reply instantly as they do not want to have their reputation besmirched in public. Use twitter hash tags wisely, they are your ultimate weapon.

If you would like to wait in some hotel or restaurant near the airport then all you need to do is Google “Restaurants around Me.” Google is indeed a powerful tool and can enable you to search for anything you want near you. You should also use Google to get updates about your flight. This makes it easier for you to stay updated on the flight status.

Uber can help you in booking cabs. You can book your ride and travel anywhere around the town. You can also Google discount coupons for Uber.

Passing Time

If you do decide to wait a little then the perfect thing to do before leaving home would be to charge your phone completely. I cannot stress this enough! You can play a few games or talk to your comrades and start up a revolution.)

You can also take a few books with you. Reading would provide great amusement as well as knowledge. You can even download reading apps such as Google Play Books or Kindle. These apps sync your books across all platforms, be it phone, desktop or laptop. You can even read the books online. Moon+ Reader has a great collection of free e-books that you can directly download and read in the app.

All of these tips and tools will definitely come in handy when you are stuck at the airport. Regular occurrences like this become quite banal but you can surely make the perfect of your waiting time. Cancelling flights is also quite easy and can be done when the flight is delayed by a considerable time.

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