Top 10 Perfect Breweries in the United States

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Did you know that beer is the only consumable product in the world which contains 13 essential minerals required by a human body.

Beer is a cool drink to hang out with and Americans exactly know how and when to consume a beer in different breweries. Today there are over 5300 breweries in the United States and according to the reports, every citizen in the US consumes 27 gallons of beer every year.

United States of America is an all time developed country and people alongside work also find happiness in the other activities and a beer is defiantly involved in there. USA is a home to some fascinating breweries and visiting these breweries is an experience of its own. America also import beer from around 100 countries and this import accounts for just 14% of the total beer in the country. 86% beer in the country is produced domestically.

Let us find out the 10 perfect breweries in America which is must a visit:

10. Verboten Brewing

“Beer for all” is what denotes the Verboten Brewing. The brewery is staged in the city of Loveland, Colorado. The name Verboten comes out from the ‘forbidden’ ingredients in the German Purity Law and today Verboten uses those ingredients to produce their effective beer. From wheat to rice, orange to chocolate and from milk to caramel every brewed beer is available on the charts.

Best to taste: Thinking of something orange, No Ragrets

9. Alaskan Brewing Company

 Juneau, Alaska produces some of the perfect white beers in the world. Several national and international awards have been undertaken by the Alaskan brewing which was formed in 1986. It brews eight year round beers, four seasonal beers and two limited edition ones. In terms of sales it is 22nd largest brewery of the United States.

Best to taste: Alaskan Amber, Ice Bay IPA

8. Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour

The beer parlour specializes in sour and wild beers for which they have gathered a few awards. Orlando, Florida is where this brewery is based since 2014 and spreading out the magic of craft beer.

Best to taste: Belgian Sour Stout, Orval Trappist Belgian Pale Ale

7. Cellarmaker Brewing Co.

 Standing tall with its goodwill in San Francisco, Cellarmaker Brewing Co is the home to experimental beer. Their main aim is to produce beers with different flavors and hence this place is never old. It is hard to pick beers from their tasting room because it makes you fall in love with a lots of variety.

Best to taste: Whatever is on the tap.

6. Founders Brewing Co.

An open mic night, handcrafted sandwiches and beer-hounds on multiple levels, this is the Founders Brewing Co in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It produces over 200 thousand barrels of beer every year which also includes the limited edition and seasonal beers. It is a must visit craft brewery in Grand Rapids which would make you feel amusing.

Best to taste: Kentucky Breakfast Stout, India Pale Ale

5. Cigar City Brewing

 Tampa, Florida is an amazing place to be in and when you know its the Cigar City in there you become over joyed. Cigar City brews to over 6000 individual brands and is rated one of the perfect brewer in the world. Cigar city produces its specialty Hunahpu’s imperial Stout every year in march which attracts thousands of people to celebrate a beer festival.

Best to taste: Hunahpu’s imperial Stout, Good Gourd

4. Boxing Beer Brewing Co

 Albuquerque is a beautiful place and it becomes more amusing when you land in the Boxing Beer Brewing Co. It is currently on the top 5 brew pubs of the United States because of the excellence in quality of beer produced. They serve house beers and seasonal beers which attracts the people of United States.

Best to taste: Chocolate Milk Stout, The red glove double red ale

3. Boulevard Brewing

Since 1989 Boulevard Brewing is spreading the magic of its famous top quality brews in Kansas City, Missouri. It is nearly impossible to settle down in 1-2 beers or 3, since it produces absolute charming to the throat beers. It is one of the largest breweries in the United States.

Best to taste: Irish Ale, KC Pil

2. Great Lakes Brewing Company

 Cleveland, Ohio welcomed its first ever brewery in the state, The great lakes Brewing Company in 1988. Great Lakes produces some of the perfect brews in United States which is distributed in the whole northeast Ohio. Along with the seasonal and year-around beer, Great lakes produces pub exclusive class of beer.

Best to taste: Ohio City Oatmeal Stout, Dortmunder Gold

 1. Tree House Brewing Company

 The perfect brewing company in the united states is the Tree House Brewery. Monson, Massachusetts is the home to this world class brewery which is surrounded by the lush green grass in the foot, and woods all over the place. They produce magical beers like Julius and Green which are beyond expectations.

Best to taste: Julius, Green

Beer is an important delicacy over the world and to enjoy those freshly brewed jars, United States is an ideal place to be in. Travel around the country and visit the differently conceptualized breweries with differently prepared taste.

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