top 20 Places to Visit in Russia

Top 20 Places to Visit in Russia

January 5, 2018 Sudhanshu Malik 2Comment

Traveling has always been a pleasure and a good way of getting rid of daily boring schedule. A chance of coming across the people and seeing the artistic beauty of nature as well as the insertion of human being towards building monuments, buildings and many state of the art that have been existing for a long ago. There come the few endorsing features that help planning your travel. What places to be visited? When to visit? Access to those places, ease of accommodation, ease of food and lodge and so on.

There comes a country which is full of magical surprises and mollifies your hunger for attraction. Russia- the world’s largest country, rich in its ethics and culture also contains polytheism.  It is also covered with two major continent Europe and Asia. Russia contains seasons like summer and winter.  Summers are warm to hot dry and Winters get very cold with temperature -30°C and heavy snowfall.  Now, this makes it a heaven that you can’t resist your from enjoying its white beauty.

Some of the place I would like to mention and would like you to visit once in your life.


The capital of Russia, situated on the bank of Moskova river is the Heart of Russia. Red square- the first and the foremost site that attracts tourists the most. Moscow kremlin, Gorky park, Bolshoi theatre, Kolomenskoye.  These are just to name, there is much more to in Moscow to take you to world of fantasy.


Kazan is a city in Russia, and is homed on the banks of the Volga and Kazanka rivers. Kazan is known for its centuries old Kazan kremlin- a fortified citadel with museum.  “Chak-chak museum” name, waters mouth! doesn’t it? It actually exhibits traditional preparation of ball of dough that are baked in honey and tartar food.


The fourth largest city of Russia homed in the east of Ural Mountains is well known for its “golden-doomed Church on the blood.” One metro tour of the city covers all the parts of the city.


Military or the soldiers has always been in a lime light and so does this city which is the major pacific port in Russia where a towering memorial paying tribute to the soldiers who fought with Japanese in early 20th century. Isn’t it great to visit such an ironic place?

Olkhon Island

Nature’s wonder is pulling you towards its landscapes. The largest island in Lake Baikal in eastern Siberia and by far the fourth largest lake-bound island in the world. A relaxing spot en route the tour to Siberia and is rich in terrains and archeological landmarks.  A place you must visit to free yourself from tiring while traveling.


No, not the President of Russia.  It’s the city, grabbed its land to the east of Moscow.  The part of “Golden Rings- cluster of ancient towns”.  It is one of the most visited places of the Golden Ring Circuit.  It also bags some of the finest architectural monuments made of White-Stone.


A home of archaeological site of Gorgippia, Gates of Turkish fortress which was destroyed during its siege.  A town in Russia situated on the Northern Coast of Black sea.


The capital city of the Republic of Buryatia, Russia situated about 100 kilometers south of lake Baikal.  This capital city is famous for its monuments, theatre and influence of Buddhism in this city creates a sort of attraction towards this city.  Ethnographic museum here is one the perfect rated museum.


Tver is a city and the administrative center of Tver Oblast, Russia. It is located 170 km north-west of Moscow.  The confluence of upper Volga and Tvertsa rivers makes this city one of the ecotourism spots thus becomes an important trade route.

Sergiyev Posad

How can a tour be completed without visiting tombs? The same is with this city which is a home of St. Sergius tomb. This city is also a home of Golden Ring Cluster known for Trinity Lavra St. Sergius monastery complex.

Saint Petersburg

Another port city of Russia on the Baltic Sea has its own strategic importance. This is the city of iconic “Bronze Horseman” statue. Hermitage museum and White Night & ballet also flash light for tourists on it.


Cathedrals has already been discussed as lime light of Russia. let’s not forget Palaces, Parks, Gardens, Sculptures. These are the highlights of this federal city of St. Petersburg that adds a feather in the cap of your journey.

Lake Baikal

Want some adventure! Don’t miss Lake Baikal. A perfect place to fulfil all your desires of hiking and wildlife in and around the largest fresh water lake in the world.


History has always been a point attraction.  The same way this place captivates your mind towards it. The city took the rebirth after WWII and house dining and shopping destination with re-created medieval-style buildings.


Nature is above all and Natual beauty is something you can’t stay away from. Filling its belly with natural beauty, this city is located on the bank of the Yenisei River- the third largest in Siberia.


There is a lot to visit in Russia, but one, no! you can’t afford to forget. The Regional Museum of Local History has cultural and archaeological artifacts which has always been the highlights of this place. The Lenin icebreaker- a decommissioned nuclear-powered ship, now a museum got its space here. Isn’t it great visiting a ship once commissioned in navy!


The cultural and academic value of any country defines its heritage.  This is what this place does.  Local museum, Fine arts displaying Russian arts, and The Rostov Academic Drama Theatre built in the shape of tractor.


Another historical city and one of the oldest towns in Siberia is famous for its architecture, museum and theatre.


Adventure! Aren’t you satisfied!  You are at right place now.  This is the perfect place for hunting. It also has theatre, opera, ballets and monuments.  Old wooden houses here are also spots of attraction.


Aware of Mammoths- they are long, curved tusk species, now extinct.  This place is the home of the Museum with many old fossils of wooly mammoths, even of mammoth calf and are displayed below freezing temperature.

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