Black Friday Airfare Deals for 2018
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Top Black Friday Airfare Deals for 2018

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Black Friday falls a day after Thanksgiving day which is on the 22nd of November, 2018 that happens to be the busiest pre-Christmas shopping period  when people go on a shopping spree. The term Black Friday was coined in the early 1960s when fans of two popular soccer teams thronged on the road leading to jams, accident and often violence and hence the name; the ´Black Friday´.

But later, the day got marked for a record number of sales both online as well as in local stores. Last year people in the US spent $5.3 billion (just the online spending) in the race for the bargain. Overall $682 billion was spent by people on the Black Friday and Thanksgiving day in the US.

Cheapest season to travel begins with Black Friday

This year the exciting pre-Christmas shopping fest begins with Thanksgiving Day that falls on Thursday, the 22nd of November, followed by Fridays Black Friday and Cyber Monday layered after a weekend in between.

Black Friday has always been the ultimate in steal deal bargains on airfares to favorite dream destinations. And no one is better at working up the excitement of Black Friday by offering flight ticket deals and discounts like the Airline and the travel industry. There are hoards of offers and booking incentives offered by airlines and travel industry in the name of Black Friday and Cyber Monday airfare deals and flash sales. By checking on these deals, you can save hundreds of dollars on your next trip.

Up until mid December, it is the perfect time for a cheapest, quietest city break or enjoying the mild winter sun. This is also a fabulous time to start of with your favorite ski season before Christmas.

If you are looking for a seasonal getaway or a spring break in the year 2019 then there are lots of Black Friday deals with a number of airlines that are far above the normal discounts.

Advantages of booking flights on Black Friday

The airline wants you to be traveling in the sluggish travel period and spending on them instead of traipsing in the malls. Therefore every airline comes up with the Black Friday ticket sales that start even before the Thanksgiving Day.  Thanksgiving after summertime is the busiest time of the year for air travel industry when people book cheap air tickets.

The advantage of traveling during this extended weekend are many. Starting from low airfare to better hotel rates, getting the right spot on the beach, accessing cultural places that are not packed are many of the advantages of traveling during this somewhat relaxed phase between Thanksgiving until mid-December.

Black Friday airfare offers:

On a Black Friday, you can find fares for as less as $50 to some cities. You can travel through 2019 to get the benefit of the low price but travelers need to book on the Black Friday.

Last year in 2017, the all business class airline, La Compagnie was flying from New York Newark to Paris Charles De Gaulle for $1,000 round-trip.

Wow air is also promoting flights to Europe from several US cities for as little as $99 a leg. Also, last year they were offering a round trip on the Black Friday as well for as little as $99 from Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston to London, Dublin, and Amsterdam.

Southwest Vacations Cyber Week Sale also releases affordable airfare deals, discount code on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Alaska airline also runs a air ticket sale on Black Friday every year where 70% of the tickets sold are purchased by solo travelers. Last year they had their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale starting for just $44 one-way.

Frontier airline offered 90% off on base and Spirit airline came up with 90% off the base fare with some conditions on their last year Black Friday sale as well.

American airline also unleashed attractive Black Friday deals last year starting as low as $50 from Philadelphia and some other major hubs.

All major airlines will soon have Black Friday airfare deals in the offing including Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday deals that are all lined up in a row starting 22nd September.

How to secure the perfect airfare deal on the Black Friday

Rely on alerts

It’s worth mentioning here that travelers may not even see the perfect airfares if they only check on the promotion page of an airline. Not all airlines publicize airfare deals as Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, or any other sale. Therefore there are likely chances of missing out on these fabulous Black Friday deals. It’s perfect to set an alert on Google Flights to track these special deals.

Watch out for the fine prints and caveats

These deals are most likely bound to be hedged so it’s perfect to look for the fine prints and understand your limitations before booking.

  • Lowest prices offered on a Black Friday sale may be for unpopular days like TuesdayWednesday or they may put up the offer to fly in the off-peak months.
  • Also, the departure may be limited to only some select cities.
  • Only select number of premium fare may be put on sale and they last only for a brief period so you will need to act fast when looking for a deal during the Black Friday sale.

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