Destinations to Travel from the US this Summer Vacation

Top Trending Destinations to Travel from the US this Summer Vacation

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If you are still waiting for an inspiration to set your bags packing this summer vacation of 2018 then here’s a good news for travelers and backpackers. According to some of the top flight ticket brokers, flight tickets are up for grabs for the top destinations both in the US and outside for a quick summer Sabbath.

The weather is warm and apt for a retreat to a more amiable climate, school vacations are shouting out loud to be used and the discounts and deals offering economical tickets are in abundance. So here are the topmost domestic and international destinations that are trending on the charts of travel brokers.

After a quick look at the charts of the top travel brokers, here’s a compilation of a list of perfect domestic and international destinations that are hot on heels and waiting to be grabbed.

Also to add to the affordable airfares it’s worthwhile to mention the cheapest days to book a deal which happens to be Tuesdays followed by Thursdays when the prices are little less aggravated.

Top destinations to travel in 2018 in the US this summer

New York (Averaging around $415)

The weather is a lot milder and makes a perfect ambiance for exploring the city like a local New Yorker on foot.

  •    Central Park is a lush 843-acre patch of natural landscape and lakes that will be thronging with picnic blankets along with events, concerts and a whole lot of activities.
  •    The beaches of the long island which boast beautiful white sand, rippling waves that allow the perfect of world-class surfing and some of the perfect sand castle terrain around is just a train ride away
  •    New York’s legendary amusement district with Six Flags Great Adventure and Disneyland is an excellent place to spend time.

Miami (average price: $286)

Although a bit sultry, Miami is hot in more than one way. Hoards of beautiful beaches and world-class restaurants

  • Explore the sunny charm of the Miami beaches with a pristine long expanse of sands and while all day just lying down or engage in some water sports, parasailing.
  • It has an uber nightlife holds plenty of outdoor adventure opportunities.
  • Hangout at the Wynwood art boutiques and take some of the perfect shots for your  Instagram
  • From Miami, even the Florida resorts and other locations of Fort Lauderdale or Orlando are close by.
  • Miami offers a plenty of unwinding options and makes a worthy spot to choose to spend your vacation days.

Miami is on top of the list of one of the perfect destinations to travel this summer vacation of 2018. Not only are there the sunny charms of Miami Beach and the art hangouts of Wynwood to consider, flights to Miami International Airport also bring you close to popular Florida resort locations at Fort Lauderdale or Orlando.

A flight from New York to Miami comes for just for $80, Chicago to Miami averages around $70 and Las Vegas to Miami around a $100.

Los Angeles (Averaging around $350)

The weather is just perfect here for spending all day out in the Los Angeles this summer– The rides and attractions of Disneyland are a must follow ritual for the visitor to LA.

  •    Pound the pavements of the Walk of Fame or a trip to the Universal Studios is all in a funfilled camera happy day
  •    Experience the quintessential summertime in California chilling out on beaches of Venice.

Chicago (average price of $380)

Chicago is brimming with street festivals, music festivals, beer festivals and free concerts.

  • Enjoy drinks at the rooftop bars of Chicago which are among the endless ways you can experience the summer charm of Chicago.
  • Explore the city architecture by boat or jive all day at the Lollapalooza Music Festival
  • Catch a game of Ivy league basketball at the Wrigley Fields     

London (average price of $1,051)

London is the business capital of the world with a cosmopolitan crowd, an endless choice for local food delights, a happening nightlife, outdoor entertainment and some of the perfect restaurant in Europe to dine. A city on move is nicely blended with the heritage of the Gothic museums and art galleries at every corner of the city.

  • See the change of guards or visit the queen’s gallery and the Green Park at Buckingham Palace
  • The Tower of London that houses the Crown Jewels and the prison cell of Sir Walter Raleigh
  • Enjoy the 10-day high profile summer music concert series at Hyde Park
  • Visit Trafalgar Square which is an interesting mix of vehicle and pedestrians.
  • Flights to London in July 2018 are priced at around $400 from all major American cities.

Cancun (average price is $530)

Craving for some adventure at the Caribbean seas and trying out a lip-smacking fish tacos on the beach then Cancun serves as an ideal summer getaway. Cancun is a popular travel spot to visit for those who love beaches and whiling away relaxing amidst the sands. The place is an ideal visit for those who love family outings with young kids. And for that matter summer don’t start in Mexico if you aren’t drinking a margarita.

Reykjavik (average price around $630)

Thanks to a large initiative of the WOW air and Icelander airlines, flights to Iceland have dropped considerably. Reykjavik is a peaceful wonderland of waterfalls, black sandy beaches and the most beautiful attraction is the midnight sun of Iceland.

Prices to Reykjavik have dropped by 27% and this is the perfect time to hit out to the land full of pristine surprise.

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