Winter Festivals in the USA
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Top Winter Festivals in the USA

September 17, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

St. Paul Winter Carnival  

St. Paul, Minnesota is one of the coldest cities in the U.S. and naturally one of the perfect selections to have a winter festival that qualifies as the nation’s biggest party. The St. Paul Winter Carnival is the oldest festival dating back to the year 1886.

The carnival is perfect known for its gigantic 70-foot  ice palace in Saint Paul’s historic Rice Park. Grab a drink from the Ice bar and witness some mind-blowing work of art created by master sculptors. There are other engaging events like floats, a scavenger hunt, a dogsled race, a Beer Dabbler with more than 120 breweries participating,  a winter triathalon and three parades make it the moment of fun and a pride moment for the entire community that celebrates the event in typical northern style.

Crowd: 350,000 visitors annually

When: Thursday, 24 January to Saturday, 2 February

Carnival du Québec

Although this one is not in America, however, the popularity and the fact that it is the most sought after events for Americans and with close proximity to the US it has made us include this one in the list of the top winter festivals of the US. Canada seems to have winter down pat. At the start of February, Quebec City puts on a big party for two weeks marked by way of concerts, Sculpture qualifying events, dogsled rides, skating and of course the  With its snowman costume parades at the forefront.

Crowd: Up to 1 million

When: Friday, 1st February to Sunday 17th February

Saranac Lake Winter Carnival

It is the longest-running winter festival of its kind in the eastern U.S, held each year since 1897. The 10-day carnival includes sports, performances, two parades and three sets of spectacular fireworks The biggest draw of the event is the lighting of the sculpted palace and the firework witnessed by thousands. The ice palace that has gained massive popularity as its made from 1,000 to 3,000 ice blocks weighing up to 800 pounds each. There are other popular events like Nordic skiing and ice-skating, and also quirky activities like ultimate arctic vogue Frisbee tournament and a women’s frying pan tossing a skillet as hard as possible.

When: 1 Feb 2019 – 10 Feb 2019

Crowd: 5,000

The International Snow Sculpture Championships – Breckenridge

Expert snow carvers from over the world converge at the Breckenridge, Colorado. Next year they will return to celebrate its 29th year when the teams are going to compete in a 5-day event turning 25-ton blocks of ice into lively art galleries with whimsical themes that are larger than life work of art. The competition brings in teams with remarkable skills from as far as Mongolia and Lavita and out of 250 teams invited only 16 are allowed to compete and judging happens on January 25th.  And since its Breckenridge, there are ample options to ski here!

As amazing as these works are in the sunlight, at night the arrays of light arrays breathe new life into these sculptures creating true magic. There are interactive works as well for kids to play with.

When: January 21-30, 2019

Crowd: 12,518 visits


The competition dates back to 1951 and is the locals own way to propose a toast to winters and celebrate the spirit of Nordic life. Next year it will return for its 68th year. The event is marked by the Fat Bike Race challenge; the extra-wide tires fat bikes pit against each other on a slippery snow course. Evening torchlight descent on Aspen Mountain and Firework lit the night skies shimmering all over the Colorado Rockies. There is also a Soupskol (soup cook-off) contest amongst Aspen’s world-class restaurants to compete for the perfect soup, a Canine Fashion Show, après ski parties, Wintersculpt – a 48-hour snow sculptures competition, all making it a gala event.

Thousands of people come and plan vacations around Winterskol.”.Winterskol is the only time when Aspen offers night skiing, thanks to torches and fireworks that light up the evening sky.

When: 10/01/2009 to 13/01/2019

Steamboat Winter Carnival

The Steamboat Winter Carnival in Steamboat, Colorado, is part winter festival, apart rodeo that has a true western flavor. The festival has been around for over 104 years. The horse-drawn shovel races are the main attraction of this celebration, and also ski events in which skiers hang onto a lasso held by a cowboy on horseback. Apart from this 3 days extravaganza’s highlight with night skiing extravaganza in which skiers come downhill wrapped in Christmas lights with roman candles and rockets shooting from his costume, a parade, snowboarding, and slalom races.

“Lighted Man,” a local man outfitted in a 70-pound lighted suit is a not to be missed part of the event during the inauguration.  It takes about 5 or 6 people to put the entire outfit on.

When: Thursday, 07 Feb to Sunday, 10th Feb

Crowd: 8,000

Fur Rendezvous (aka Fur Rondy)

82 years of Fur Rendezvous, affectionately known as “Fur Rondy,” is a is a 10 days winter celebration marked by a 75-mile World Champion Sled Dog Race that is held in Anchorage, Alaska each year since 1935. An average team contains 16 dogs amounting to over 1,000 dogs used in the race. There are more than 20 wild events and 100 other activities at Alaska, those are largest and oldest winter festival which includes a native American blanket toss, native arts market, an outdoor hockey tournament, the running of the reindeer where people run down the street with reindeer – not a joke and the outhouse races.  

When: Friday, 22 February to Sunday, 3 March

World Ski & Snowboard Festival

This is North America’s largest annual celebration that merges snow sports, music, arts & culture for an electric and a memorable moment that lasts for 6 days. According to the Guardian, UK, this event is one of the top perfect events for big air and big beats. The Big Air competitions kick off with world’s top snow athletes, and perfect beats progressing into Monster Energy Boarderstyle World Championships where big names are on the podium competing for the prize money $50,000. Other attractions include the  Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown, Olympus 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown, and Intersection. The high energy festival ends at the with the Magic Mountain Tour marked by light, sound with some of the top DJs jamming the show.

When: April 9th – 14th, 2019

Plunge Fest

The classic mid-winter madness in the northern part of America at many places but Maryland’s plunge fest is the biggest of all. Polar bear plunges in which people cut holes through the ice and take a plunge into the fridged waters of the Chesapeake Bay. This is the coolest way to raise $2,000,000 for charity funding the Special Olympics. If you’re not in for a plunge then there is a carnival, giant sand sculptures, and live music to keep you entertained.

When: January 24-26

Crowd:  About 25,000

These are some of the perfect winter festivals in America. Plan your trip well and leave the bookings for the cheapest flights to these winter attractions to us. We guarantee you a comfortable journey without having to worry about tracking prices and deals as we are committed to offering the perfect prices.

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