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Top Travel Adventures in USA for 2016

January 13, 2016 Nency Willims 0Comment

While the world sees increasing number of travelers every year, there are still plenty of places that are virgin and offer enough adventure to enthrall the eternal travel buff. Many of such places lie in U.S itself, so if you got a weekend free, grab a backpack and embark on a journey to the unexplored. Here we list some new travel adventures in U.S for 2016.


This hilly park sprawled across New York has lots to offer in terms of adventure. You can navigate across the water channels of St. Regis Canoe Area, run for fresh air at Olympic Sports Complex or even play with the powder of Whiteface. Furthermore the mountainous ranges that border the fringes of the park paint a pretty picture.

Outer Banks 

Outer Banks

If you wish to travel until you drop only to be greeted by the marvel of your destination, then Outer Banks is the place for you. Considered an evergreen paradise for anglers, it is bountiful with fish varieties of tuna, sailfish and marlin. Even if fishing isn’t your cup of tea, you can always rely on the high winds to fuel some great sailing and windsurfing expeditions for you.


 AnchorageAnchorage, with its majestic craggy hills and sultry weather, beckons to rock climbers, hikers, snowshoers and skiers far and wide. There is plenty of action-packed stuff for both adults and children. You can meander along the narrow paths, or brave a rock climb to the steep cliffs of the Chugach State Park or simply lie back and enjoy the sheer beauty of Mother Nature on the pristine cliff tops. Alaska. Anchorage. Winter view of the city at night.

Jackson Hole

 Jackson HoleNestled in the jungle deeps, Jackson Hole has hoards of opportunities for adventure all year-round. In the sultry months, you can sweat it out by kayaking through the cool clear waters or hike all the way to Grand Teton National Park. To connect closer with nature, you can visit National Elk Refuge in fall to catch the wonderful bugle sounds of its inmates.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
The beauty of Lake Tahoe is truly impressive to behold. Apart from that, there is plenty of adventure stuff too. You can ski at the grand peaks for a unique experience and get a birds-eye view of the lake paradise in the process. The lake with its mirror-like waters is perfect for boating, canoeing and swimming to glory. For some extra thrill, you can always gamble at the nearby casinos of Reno.

Virgin Islands of U.S

 Virgin Islands of U.SFrom scuba diving and swimming to snorkelling and sailing, there are several ways to enjoy the glistening blue Caribbean waters of U.S’s Virgin Islands. If you are among those who shy away from water sports, you can always take a shot at umpteen hiking, golfing and rock-climbing opportunities that abound this place.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National ParkAcadia National Park nestled in the mountainous fringes of the Maine’s Desert is surely a haven for adrenaline junkies, with its ample opportunities for rock-climbing, hiking, river-rafting and jungle expedition. The rocky trails of the park are never-ending and fascinating to explore. You can never get enough of this particular travel destination.

As the New Year rings by and you sit down to make your bucket list for 2016, do not forget to include these awesome travel destinations. Easily accessible by road and rail, these 7 new travel adventures in U.S for 2016 form a splendid way to sail through boring vacations and stressful weekends.

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