Travel Comfortably and Without Fretting for Morning Flights

Travel Comfortably and Without Fretting for Morning Flights

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Reasons and advantages of taking an early morning flight can be many. A mixture of personal and professional reasons or getting a economical flight deal is just a few of them. We shall discuss the benefits of an early morning flight in a while but even before one makes a decision to fly early hours, it’s important to get prepared for making some extra efforts. A 6 am flight makes a lot of people cringe as they need to wake up around 3.30 am and start getting ready, toss some breakfast and set on the way to the airport. It can be a real challenge to feel positive and awake. Early departure doesn’t go well with everyone and a bad start tends to set the tone for the rest of the trip.

However, the benefit certainly outweighs the slight inconvenience of having to get up and prepare early. Planning is one such aspect of travel which can never be undermined to ensure everything goes smoothly, and you arrive at your destination ready for the trip ahead.

Benefits of an early morning flights

Lower Risk of Delays

Early morning flights are less likely to be delayed as compared to afternoon or evening departures. Delays reportedly start springing up around 8 am each day and then get worse until it reaches its peak at around 6 pm.

According to the “Air Travel Consumer Report” from the US Department of Transportation that delves on the quality of services suggest that On-time arrivals drop from an already dodgy 85.5% between 8 am- 8:59 am to just 63.9% between 5 pm – 5:59 pm and after dark, an extra travel time seems to be pretty much a guaranteed prospect. On-time arrivals are at their lowest at 57.5%, between 10 pm – 10:59 pm. Due to this reason, if you want to reach on time anywhere, then it’s perfect to leave before 8 am.

Early morning flight makes for a quieter, less stressful travel experience

Faster boarding and check-in

Crowds are lighter at security and the gate during an early-morning flight, Lines are short or even nonexistent and TSA agents are more relaxed and cheerful. Fewer crowds allow for faster check-ins to boarding; making the trip quite relaxed and easy. Planes are also less than full so you can also get to load your hand baggage easily in the overhead bin.

As a perk, there are more chances of getting an empty seat next to yours so you can travel more relaxed and undisturbed plus you can have more space to spread out.

Due to lesser people flying you can also easily snag an extra pillow or a blanket to travel more relaxed and also gets a generous serving of snack.

Fewer crowds mean more relaxation

Rambunctious kids, pesky business travelers who knock a few drinks, blue light from laptops overexcited tourists are all missing from an early morning flight so there is definitely more peace and solace right from boarding to in-flight time.

Early morning flights are perfect for budget travelers

First flight of the morning sell for cheaper than those later in the day, simply because most people would rather prefer to snuggle in bed rather than reach the airport, however, you can avoid the misery of traveling at a more crowded timing by compensating your sleep in the flight. More to come on this later.

Usually, early morning flights are the last ones to be purchased so you will see a good difference in price irrespective of whichever airline you are flying.

Smoother flights

According to the National Severe Storms Lab thunderstorms mostly occur in the afternoon. It’s these thunderstorms that cause turmoil in the plane due to unstable air.

More time to spend at your new destination

If you arrive at your destination while there is still ample daylight saved from an early morning trip, then there is a lot of time left to check in to a hotel, unpack stuff, take some rest before you set out to explore the place

Here are some of the perfect tips to survive an early morning flight:

Before the taking a flight:

Know the airport inside out

Every airport has a website and there are online maps available of shops and other necessary facilities before and after security. Its advisable to familiarize with these essential services so you can spot your favorite places without loitering around.

Pack like a travel pro

Packing at the last moment is never a good idea as you will definitely tend to skip a few things no matter what. Getting up early in the morning will leave you in a groggy state and things are done at the last moment definitely will tend to backfire.

Posting a note on the front door

Planning at the spur of a moment may prove to be a slipshoddy and 9 out of 10 times you will tend to miss out on something important that needs to go in the bag. Posting a note conspicuously at the front door 2 days prior to packing may prove to be quite helpful. Keep adding things which are amongst the essentials and there is hardly any chance of forgetting anything. Usually, the list will be filled with items like mobile, phone charger, toothbrush, razor and toiletry bag, medicines, important files or notes etc. All it needs is a cursory look while leaving on the day of your trip.

Leave nothing for the last moment

The perfect way to travel worry free is to leave nothing for the morning right before your start. Arrange everything in advance including printing of the boarding passes, check-in online a day before flying so you can go directly for the security check once you are there at the airport as this will save lots of time too.

Rely on a carry baggage

If at all possible, just make do with a carry-on bag and avoid checking luggage. This will allow for a quicker check-in process at the airport and will also give the advantage of avoiding the undue hassle if your baggage fails to arrive at the destination.

Manage the delicate items

If you are planning to carry a camera or any other delicate electronic device than its perfect to keep it in the hand baggage. Cell phones, PDAs, and laptops are too delicate and valuable to leave in a checked baggage and these items are most likely to be passing through the scanner later.

Reserve your transportation well in advance

Don’t plan on leaving your car at the airport? Book a cab in advance as arranging for any transfer at the last moment may leave you stranded and at the risk of missing the flight. Hotel concierge services can do this easily upon request when you’re getting ready for your return flight.

Carry your own entertainment – in case of a long haul flight, its perfect to load a series from Netflix or a book so you are not left alone up to the flight entertainment system. Don’t forget to check if the Netflix download needs a renewal beforehand.

During the flight:

Don’t be glued to your seat all the time

Be careful not to be too glued to your screens. Apart from draining the batteries, blue lights contribute a lot to exacerbating the unrest. In case you do intend to use it for long, be careful to lower the intensity of the screen and switch to the yellow light. It is more soothing and easier to doze off by minimizing eye strain or headaches from prolonged usage.

Skip the caffeine

Although it’s tempting to start off with a coffee when you kickstart, skipping on it may be a good idea because it will help you to catch some sleep when you board the plane finally.

Be hydrated

It’s a good idea to have coconut water as it is the perfect delicious source of several nutrients and anti-oxidants.

To avoid puffy eyes when you de-board

An ice cube and a napkin will do the job. Just put the ice cube to your eye and the puffiness will subside.

Take a trip to the bathroom once in a while

While on your seat it’s the perfect idea to do a few stretches so your legs get straightened and the blood flow normalizes. Get up from the seat and visit the bathroom a few times so the blood circulates better.

Carry sleeping essentials

Many people struggle to sleep as their head and neck tend to tip over as they doze off which prevents a restful sleep. A proper pillow helps induce sleep. There are many travel pillows available online like the inflatable neck pillow that comes in various shapes or the one with memory foam to adjust according to your pattern. Travel rest pillow is a good option for side sleepers, Skyrest pillow is perfect for those who tend to fall asleep on a tray table and an Ostrich pillow is perfect for those who want to cut off all the noise and light. ‘

Carry an extra blanket as airline blankets aren’t always the coziest, and they’re sometimes only available at an extra cost. Females often carry a Pashmina as it can easily double up as a comfy blanket when the in-flight AC is low.

A personal well-being kit is essential for a cozy travel, your personal eye mask or a book all come handy during a long haul flight.

Avoid heavy metals

Items like buckles, bracelets, loose watches or a heavy chain/neckless as not only will it interfere with the sleep but will also trigger the metal detector.

Dress in Layers

It may get really muggy while standing in a crowded check-in line and chilly when the AC in the plane is low. It’s perfect to dress in layers for both the situations so one can remove or add a layer to adjust accordingly.

You won’t fare well if you’re cranky and uncomfortable during your flight. Forgo itchy garments and opt for breathable, softer fabric instead that goes along with a comfortable footwear.

Communicate with your hotel in advance

With an early morning flight, there are more likely chances of arriving at the hotel late or check out beyond the regular timings. It’s perfect to make a request to the hotel in advance so they can accommodate this request.

American Express Platinum card, which gives you access to ample Hotels & Resorts which allow late checkouts of around 4 pm or a noon check-in, when available.

Don’t forget to hydrate

This will keep your body feeling good even when you’re running on very little sleep.

Hope all these tips will make your early morning flight more relaxed and comfortable. Just make sure you expose yourself to plenty of natural light in case you are planning for a busy day ahead.

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