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Travel First Class Without Purchasing Ticket

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The luxury in the ambience, the tantalizing food combined with exotic wine and a personal suite with attends at your service sure sounds quixotic but isn’t. By purchasing a first class ticket you can avail all the the above benefits. Want more, first class suites have spa treatments, grand beds and mattresses and complimentary food and wine. You also get in-seat charging and usb ports and a huge amount of space which you can use for work. Watching your favourite movie, tv show or listening to classics will augment the grandness of your experience. The whole experience starts from your door as you are driven to the airport by a chauffeur in a luxury car. Some airlines offer drop facilities as well.

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Travelling sure is fun and fills us with exuberance but it can be quite expensive at times. Purchasing a first class ticket can even make you pay through your nose. Commuting costs constitute a major part of travel expenses and first class tickets cost considerably more than business class and economy class tickets. The tranquility offered by first class may dwindle into shadows due to the cost of the airfare. Any globetrotter would wish to save as much as possible on commuting and spend it on the actual travel and sightseeing.

Below are some proven travel hacks that will subside the cost of travel from your pocket, especially of purchasing a first class ticket:-

Frequent Flyer Miles

You buy tickets and commute through the air plane. The distance you covered is recorded by the airlines in miles. These miles are like points which can be exchanged to avail offers such as a discount on airfare or even a free air ticket. This whole process can be viewed as a loyalty programs by airlines. Frequent Flyer miles are offered by credit cards as well, though credit cards may offer miles on the basis of the amount of money spent as opposed to the total distance traveled.

For instance, the total one way travel distance between Indianapolis and New Delhi is 7590 miles. Now the total miles that you get will vary according to airlines and class. According to the industry standards you get 100 percent miles on an economy class booking and a 125-150 percent miles on Business class tickets. You get even more miles  while travelling first class. So, for an economy class booking you get 7560 miles in points which will be assigned to you through your account.

frequently flayerFrequent Flyer miles are assigned through an issued card or an online account. Many airlines have shifted solely to providing miles through online accounts. The benefit of this is that these miles are always attached to your online account making it simple and easy to avail air tickets using them.  airlines has no expiration date for frequent flyer miles. In fact most of the airlines have no expiration dates for miles and these miles can be converted into free air tickets through the online account.

Airlines and credit cards are not the only ones offering frequent flyer miles to gain customer loyalty. Various supermarkets and online shopping websites also provide miles on the amount you spent on purchase. Miles are also being provided by petrol pumps. Clinics, hotels and restaurants, ; it seems everyone wants to lure you in by providing you with miles.

Manufactured spending is a technique you can use to gain more miles. When signing up for Credit cards that offer more miles than average, you have to meet some conditions. Most of them include a condition to spend a certain amount of money though the credit card after opening your account. If you can’t find enough things to spend your money on, then you can buy cash equivalents such as gift cards. This will enable you to save money while gaining more miles.

After completing the arduous task of gaining miles, it’s time to avail them. Let’s say you took the indianapolis to delhi air ticket and covered the whole 7560 miles. These miles will now function like points. You can check the flights which are operating in the route you travel next. Now all you need to do is check beside the price of each flight, how many miles is it going to cost. Yes, it is a bit like bitcoins. You could have purchased these miles from the airlines as well. Now check if you have gleaned enough miles to make the purchase. Redeem your miles and have a happy journey.

There are tweaks through which you can earn more miles from a single trip.  These are known as milage runs. Mileage runs are taken solely to gain as much mileage as possible. Basically you take long distance flights that cost less to gain maximum benefit out of those miles. You can travel from one end of your country to the other and take a flight back as soon as possible. Constantly taking flights with a single airline has its perks, You are offered an elite membership by the airline. With this you can avail many other offers such as huge discounts and free upgrades from economy to business or even First Class. Being a little good with math and geography will enable you to get the perfect out of mile runs.

Still there are taxes on the airfares that are going to come out of your pocket. It’s not completely free. At certain times during the season, especially on holidays or during a holiday season, Airlines restrict the use of miles to book tickets. You can even make a lucrative business out of miles. enables you to exchange and even sell frequent flyer miles.

Discount Offers and Comparison

Airlines industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world with the number of players reaching the apogee and still augmenting. To stay in business it is necessary for airlines to offer regular discounts to gain and retain customers. This high level of competition can go a long way to decrease the cost of travel for you. FareMachine is a website with which you can compare the airfare of two or more airlines operating on the same route. This way you would be able to save a lot of your miles.

Your travel agent or airline can help you keep track of the fluctuating airfare. Some airlines may not offer additional baggage when purchasing through miles. Taking baggage more than the permitted limit will surely involve additional cost. Make sure to book the flight that consumes least amount of your miles as airfares are highly unstable.

Airfares vary according to the geographical location as well. In some cities you would be able to find cheaper tickets than in other. In these cities you would have to spend less miles to gain a free air ticket. A ticket bought from New Delhi will cost less than the one bought from New York. This whole technique is known as Arbitrage and uses the difference in price of an asset to increase profitability.

You can also avail a better bang for every every mile by opting to go with a low end airline. These airlines may not have had enough experience to corroborate their efficiency and the level of service but still they can provide you with a great first class experience.

To save miles, try splitting up your travel in a number of destinations. This will reduce the amount of miles needed considerably. Also, do not book your tickets during holidays as the prices of air tickets are at the paramount during these periods.

Fifth Freedom Routes

By going with a fifth freedom route you give the airline permission to take you to two other foreign countries from which the flight may not have originated or may not have to land in. Dubai is constantly used as a transit point for this specific purpose to connect the east and the west. For example, a flight has to travel from Sri Lanka to United States and the airline is based in Sri Lanka. The flight will have to make a stop for refueling. For this the flight will use the fifth freedom route and land in Dubai.

fifth freedomAfter knowing the mechanisms it is important to know how to reap the benefits. Let’s say you were in Dubai and there is availability of seats in the flight which has travelled from Sri Lanka to Dubai and is heading for United States. To fill this empty seat, the airline will offer a discount on the available first class tickets. These airlines offer considerable discount and you have to be there to avail these. To find fifth freedom routes, FareMachine it and book your flight ticket with ease. Through these you can save a lot of miles and still have a grand first class journey.


There are various tools available to aid you in finding the cheapest flight which operates in the particular route you want to travel.

FareMachine is a flight search tool that offers you robust analysis of the flights and helps you find the most affordable one. Secret Fares known as Y-up, K-up and Q-up are regularly offered by airlines, though these fares are not provided to you directly. You can contact us at FareMachine to know more about these fares. These fares have a specialty. They convert to business class or first class tickets on the basis of availability of seats without any additional cost.

Some travel Websites store details of your flight searches through cookies on your computer. If you frequently search for a flight, they will come to know about it and will increase the charges on that flight. To view the original price and total miles it will cost to purchase the air ticket, you should clear cookies of the web browser you are using.

By employing the above given methods you can gain a lot of miles and save a lot on travel.

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