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Travel Friendly Beauty Products Making for Easy Packing for Long Weekends

October 17, 2017 Nency Willims 0Comment

The year 2017’s most conspicuous fact is the number of long weekends that can be availed in the year. For working individuals it is not very easy to go on vacation, so these 4 to 5 long weekends are breath of fresh air for most of us who are bound to 9 to 5 desk job. The long weekends, however, can also put a little damper on the excitement as it is quite difficult to pack for only few days. Especially where we ladies are concerned, as it is near impossible to select just 3 or 4 dresses from the whole wardrobe full of our exquisite collection.

Another problem area is the makeup and hygiene products allowed to carry on flights, because lets face it, it is quite daunting to leave them in the airport when they do not meet the airline policy or get splashed open in the in the makeup travel case, ruining the other products as well. Keeping this need of travel size products we have outlined 4 main makeup and hygiene products that ensures you stay on top of your makeup game where ever you go.

  1. Stick Cleanser: It is no-brainer that the face and hand skin is most prone for early damage as these area are constantly exposed to sun, pollution and dust. Thus skin cleanser is the first product that is added to the travel makeup kit. However, to ensure that it does not leak, you can now go for Stick Cleanser that can be easily carried around and keep your skin radiating irrespective of the weather of your vacationing place. Perfect example is Makeup Matcha Cleanser by Milk.
  2. Brush Perfume: Leaking of perfumes and deodorants is quite common when traveling by flights and probably is one of the most frustrating problem as well as the fragrance gets spread all over the clothes making them smell as if they have been washed with fragrant detergent. However, there is a way to avoid this catastrophe and the answer is Brush Perfume. Under this the perfect product is Byredo’s Gypsy Water Kabuki Perfume in which brush consists of powder that when brushed upon the clothes, defuses aromatic scents.
  3. Dry Shampoo: A must, must product for those who use specific kind of shampoo for their hair. These products can be bought from any convenient or drugstore. They are perfect for providing nourishment to damaged, plane hair or the old dirty hair without pronouncing the damage even more, done generally by the shampoos provided in the hotels. The perfect part – they do not spill and leak out of the bottle.
  4. Dual Purpose Smokey Eye Baton: This little beauty definitely belongs in your travel makeup bag to give you unblemished smokey eye look whenever you want it. On one side of the baton eyeliner is there while on the other side is eye shadow. With this little secret launched by Surratt Beauty, girls you can leave your heavy eye- shadow palette in your home and still be the most gorgeous girl in the party.

With the above listed makeup items in your bag, you can travel anywhere in these long weekends without needing to carry heavy bags. Just book your travel friendly and light luggage with FareMachine and garner cheap flights to your choice of destination.

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