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Tuesday after Cyber Monday – Perfect than any other Day for Flight Deals

August 17, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

As the days draw closer to Thanksgiving Day, the travel industry also gears up for the big splurge to cash in on the popular shopping sentiments. The industry is inundated with deals and discounts around this biggest pre- Christmas shopping carnage that begins on Thanksgiving and extends all the way to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, outpouring into following Tuesday which by far witnesses the perfect flight sales volumes. Therefore this is the perfect time to strut up and go for the perfect offer available out there to turn your dream vacation into a reality.

Do not let the Tuesday morning FOMO bog you down because according to the latest study sitting out on the Cyber Monday is after all not a bad idea. The latest study lays a straw on Black Friday or Cyber Monday as the perfect days for airfare sales with Travel Deal Tuesday emerging as the hands down winner when it comes to perfect flight sales of the year.

Latest study proclaims Travel Deal Tuesday as the perfect for flight sales:

As per a recent study was done by a top airfare consolidator that analyzed literarily billions of airfare quotes over the years, came out with the conclusion that Tuesday after Cyber Monday is the perfect day than any other day for flight sales. This is a watershed prophecy that rules out the myth that maximum sales happen on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Tuesday after Cyber Monday is the day when the greatest number of flight sales happen. The travel industry has now taken to calling it a ‘Travel Deal Tuesday’.

The concept is braced by a recent study that compared the number of flight sales on Cyber Monday that were found to be around 110, whereas there was a major surge in the number of sales happening on the following Tuesday taking the figure to 180 which is more than double the fare sales happening on a normal day. Of course, this is not a small uptick in the overall flight sales figures. Before this, in 2016 airfare sales were 6 times the typical figure this Tuesday.

Travel Deal Tuesday offers:

It’s important to note that international based carriers typically roll out the most cost saving deals especially on their premium economy and business class segments. Well known travel websites also offer Cyber Monday discounts of up to 75% off on many cities in Europe, to the Caribbean, and Punta Cana as demand for these regions have been down lately.

There were lots of travel deals pitched last year on the Travel Deal Tuesday where flights from the US to Europe were priced under $500 and there were some great deals to Hawaii being offered by airlines such as Alaska, Virgin, and Hawaiian airlines. Flights to Central and South America were in a range of $300-$400.

International cities like Reykjavik, Shanghai, Bogota, Mexico City, Cancun, Quito were all the top picks of last year. Amongst the domestic destinations, some cities in Central America, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Denver, and New Orleans were amongst the top pick.

What makes the Travel Deal Tuesday a success:

The real reason behind the upswing in-flight sales on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Travel Deal Tuesday is that airlines want to boost the sales during the slump period between Thanksgiving up until December when more people prefer to stay with their family back home.

Cyber Monday and the following Tuesday presents a unique opportunity for copious travel options to choose from which may inspire even the most comfortable armchair travelers to set their bags packing. There are lots of discounts on hotels and stays as well, however, things should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Tips for choosing the perfect Travel Deal Tuesday offer:

All deals may sound like a perfect proposition, but it’s more rational to explore well, research and shop around before choosing the airfare deal that suits the most. The decision should be based on what the overall package is going to cost that includes all the ancillary services as well as accommodation and transfers to the destination you are about to fly to.

Another word of caution is to check for the caveats attached to these all time low offers. Ticket price may not include possible add-on fees for checked bags, pre-booking of seats, preferred boarding, onboard refreshment and food, entertainment options etc. Sometimes what you end up saving on economical flight tickets is what you may end up shelling out on these extra add-ons or on a pricey stay at the destination city.

Travel deals offered on Cyber Monday and Travel Deal Tuesday may be hard to resist but the essence of making the most out of these sales is to indulge in some comparative shopping and look around before taking a plunge, find out more about the restrictions, blackout dates which can potentially make the most ideal deal go savour.

The perfect way to find the ideal deal on a Travel Deal Tuesday is to key in the desired dates and location on some of the perfect travel Apps available out there; give it some time and the App will go through the rigor of finding the price drop as and when it happens.

Better still if you are flexible on the dates and the destination of travel than try and use the flex option provided in many of these Apps.

Then there are newsletters from your preferred airlines you may like to sign up for receiving promotional emails and price alerts.

Or just surf the internet to find economical flights on the Travel Deal Tuesday. There are many flight sites like Skyscanner,  Hopper, Momondo, Orbitz, Kayak or use Google Flight’s popular button “I am feeling lucky” which may bring forth the perfect of Travel Deal Tuesday.

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