Ultimate Destination Guide for Wine Lovers

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There is nothing more intriguing for a wine lover than going to a vineyard for a holiday. Stunning natural beauty along with wine tasting activities is the perfect description of a picture perfect holiday.

These are the ultimate destinations for all the wine lovers out there.

South Africa – Town of Stellenbosch is the beginning of a majestic wine tour called Stellenbosch Wine Tour and is set in the backdrop of mountains. The signature wines available here are Chenin Blanc and Pinotage. Reyneke Wines, the only certified winery of South Africa is also a must visit. Wildlife adventures are also organised here.

Sonoma County – Sonoma County is situated in California, USA. It produces some of the perfect wines in California. There are more than 400 wineries here. The wines produced here are cool climate ones like Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. Wine tasting tours are also arranged here.

Burgundy – Situated in France, it is one of the two largest wine producing regions in the country. To taste the wine, you need to book yourself for tours that are available for visitors. This region is famous for Pinot Noir grapes that produce red Burgundy wine. White Burgundy wine is also produced here but is made of Chardonnay grapes.

Barossa Valley – It is situated in Australia. Its has breathtaking scenic beauty. The wines produced in this region are Shiraz along with Australia’s finest Rieslings. All the wineries offer wine tastings for their visitors. Free tours are also organised.

Piedmont – Situated in Italy, along with wineries, this place is also home to many Michelin Starred restaurants and luxury hotels along with view of the Alps. There are various wine stops that can be visited. Some famous wines from this region are Barolo, Castiglione Falletto, La Morra and many more. Visiting the local markets are a must.

Willamette Valley – Situated in Oregon, it produces some of the perfect Burgundian wines along with Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. A must visit winery here is Cana’s Feast winery. Wine tours are conducted but due to many visitors, it is better to book your reservations in advance.

Central Otago– It is situated in New Zealand. This place is home to a booming wine industry.  It is crowned as the southernmost wine producing region in the world. The area is famous for wines like Pinot Noirs and Pinot Gris. Rippon Vineyard is the oldest here and is located near the river with an amazing view and setup. The perfect time to visit is in March and April.

La Rioja – It is located in Spain and is home to 500 wineries and produces red wine.López de Heredia is a must visit winery in the region. The wines produced here are made from locally sourced grapes in the autonomous communities of La Rioja, Navarre and Basque province of Alava. The wine making techniques here are old yet modernised. It has the world’s most renowned winery hotel,  Marqués de Riscal.

Douro Valley – It is located in Portugal. It is one of the nature’s richest places for natural beauty and have the world’s oldest winemaking regions. It dates back to the Romans. It has a dry climate so the wines produced are deeper. Some of the grape varieties grown here are TourigaNacional, TourigaFrancesa and TintaBarroca.

Mosel Valley – It is a wine producing region in Germany. It is packed with castles and natural beauty, Calmont-Klettersteig is a winery that offer wine tastings and is open during evenings. Wines from the upper regions have a low alcohol content whereas the mid regions of the valley produce crisp and high acidity wines.

Best Wine Tour Destinations

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