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Ultra Low Cost Flying with Spirit Airline

June 14, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

While searching for the cheapest ticket on any fare portals one is most likely to come across with the name Spirit Airlines which has fast become a game changer in the ultra-low-cost flying segment. Here’s a look at what it’s like flying with a budget carrier.

Spirit Airline is based out of Miramar, Florida and is the latest buzzword in the airline segment. It has fast emerged as America’s ultra-low-cost carrier that is committed to offering flyers with the lowest price tickets in the US.
Spirit operates about 400 flights on daily basis and covers 60 destinations in the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean’s. They’re also considering to tread into the international arena.

There $69 round trip fare sale to dozens of cities in the US has been making quite a buzz.
On an average, their prices are much lower than any other low-cost airlines. They manage to offer great deals by starting with a “BareFare” that strips all the fancies and frills of a privileged class. An unbundled Bare Fare ticket means that passengers start off with the bare minimum fare and then they can move on to add-on frills which allows you to pay extra for any and all add-ons facilities that they choose like seat assignments, bags, refreshment or extra legroom.

So basically what they have done is that they have unbundled the package by dismantling the extras that leave only a barebones fare which is different from an all-inclusive ticket offered by other airlines that peg the prices at higher levels. The concept behind these ultra-low prices is to help people who travel often and look for savings through economical flight deals. The concept has picked on really well amongst the budget travelers because these deals provide for more flexibility and a choice of extra add-ons are left to the passengers to choose what they need the most, leaving what is not needed as unpaid for.

And there is no dearth of regular facilities should a passenger finds a need for it he can pay extra. This includes the following add-ons

  • Wide seats with extra legroom ($12-$199 in advance and $25-$75 for onboard upgrades)
  • Carry-on and checked baggage
  • Assigned seats as per preference
  • Travel insurance
  • Beverages and snacks onboard
  • Hotels, cars, and vacation packages

How to avoid a bag fee:

The perfect way for a free baggage option is to pack a single backpack which has a dimension smaller than the seat in front of you which is 18″ x 14″ x 8″ or smaller than that.

The next perfect option is to declare a single baggage if you are a Fare Club member and pay $21.

For a carry-on baggage, its advised to pay by online check-in advance otherwise it would cost more at the airport.
Airlines like Southwest, for example, allow two bags free and they also do not charge for carry-ons.

However, overall their pre-flight and onboard charges may dig into the savings made on a BareFare deal.
However, there is an affinity program with the airline that is really helpful for frequent flyers.

There $9 fare club is quite popular for its promotions and exclusive deals which also includes reduced fees like baggage fee etc. But the $9 price is a disguise as the price of this annual membership is $59.95 and $9 is an old price for 2 month trial membership that is now hiked to $19.95. The program is helpful for frequent flyers particularly those who fly out of Fort Lauderdale which is Spirits main hub.

Extras are chargeable:

But their extra charge even for a carry-on baggage is absurdly high and can fetch anywhere between $26 to $100 depending on whether a flyer is a member of the fare club and checks in online, or if he checks in at the airport and if at all he is a member without which the cost may escalate to a $100.

For choosing wider seats and extra legroom the cost is even absurd and may cost passengers anywhere between $12 to $199. Drinks and snacks cost extra and there is no seat back monitors for any sort of entertainment albeit in this technical age everyone has a device to keep them engaged.

However, while checking for their prices on the internet; Sprint makes things clear on what all facilities are going to cost the customer including things like a carry-on bag.

What’s not included:

Well with every breakthrough concept and reduced cost comes a catch and in case of Spirit Airlines, the list of what’s not included is a rather extensive one. It starts with weighing your own bags, tagging them and on top of that per checked bag cost is $50.

Wi-Fi at the moment is not an option on Spirit flights, not even TV or any other entertainment. In case you are thinking of charging your phone, hard luck as there is no power even and that includes the front seats with extra legroom.

In terms of other amenities, there is no beverage served; even a water bottle is to be paid for. The rather cringy seats are unlikely to recline as well.

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