How to Have a Unique Travel Experience in New Zealand?

December 6, 2016 Nency Willims 1Comment

If you are here reading this post, then “maybe you were meant to find it.” “Not all who wander are lost,” but you my friend just hit the lotto.

As a wanderer, globetrotter if you may, i know the want to experience not something majestic but something unique. There is something different about unique.) For one, it allows me to share unique stories with friends and family.

Also, i have always had an affinity for unique. I mean i think unique individuals like Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Albert Einstein and so on, create majestic moments. Hmm! It’s sure something to think about.

So here is a unique destination, tranquil and isolated. New Zealand is famed for the standard of living that it provides residents and citizens with. Something that seasoned travelers know is that New Zealand also provides myriad range of opportunities for tourists to gain memories that last.

Here are a few destinations in New Zealand that will surely aggrandize your travel experience.

Otago Central Rail Trail

otago central railEver tried tour de France. Well, riding your bikes on these trails would be much more adventurous than cycling on concrete road. The perfect thing about this is anyone can enjoy bicycling. All you will need is a bike. Mother Nature has paved the path for a great adventure, all you need to do is avail the opportunity. Make sure to get some exercise a few days in advance.

Trust me when i say this, as you do not want to experience the tyranny of micro tears in muscles.

You can easily get your bikes from the hotel you are staying in.

Spellbound Glowworm & Cave Tours

Fire up your Batmobile as the next stop is some magnificent bat caves. Get ready to be thrilled by the notorious bat caves of New Zealand.

Ok they aren’t real bat caves but they do look like the one i saw in Batman movies.

But you would find some unique and majestic glowworms. Devoid of light, the caves become a canvas for these worms who tend to be artists at heart.

The caves tend to be filled with screaming noises of children which is not a complete deal breaker; i guess!

Make sure to visit with friends and family.

Museum of New Zealand

museum new zealand“Are museums immortal? Are their methods supernatural?”

Don’t know! But it is true that museums do capture the essence of humanity. They are a knowledge base of everything that has been achieved by as well as nature.

The national museum and art gallery of new Zealand does up the ante when it comes to making museums interesting. Housing more than thousand year old artifacts and recent works of arts, this becomes one of the perfect places for history enthusiasts as well as connoisseurs.
Just four more words for this place: Fossil, giant squid awesome.

New Zealand is an isolated place but this is what gives it the uniqueness that makes a travel to this place majestic.

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