United Airline adds 204,000 Seats For American Football Season 2018
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United Airline adds 204,000 Seats For American Football Season 2018

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Good News For Football Fans: As the college football hits all time high airlines gear up to meet the big demand of travelers heading for the football university leagues. United Airline is in full swing, all set to add 204,000 seats to cover all the popular college football towns across America this season in 2018.

With the NCAA Division, I football season August 25 kickoff bringing in 60 schools the football scene across America is all set to stir up. There are very few things which are more fun than attending a college football game. The pride of the fan followers, tailgating and crashing in for a final match is far beyond just the game itself. The attraction of America’s perfect football towns makes them the Mecca of sports lovers during these events. As the days draw closer for the big college football leagues airline also begin to gear up with their own plans to meet demands of the top football markets stir across the US. Airline cash in by deploying bigger planes and adding extra flights to these popular collegiate pigskin market making it easier for the fans to travel and watch their favorite teams play.

United is adding as many as 204,000 seats to top college markets with additional flights and larger aircraft to get their customers to watch their favorite games this fall season. On an average, they are about to increase about 2,200 seats on a daily basis from September through November which makes a whopping total of 204,000 seats to the United’s inventory.

According to the VP of United Airlines – Ankit Gupta, football is something that brings friends, classmates, and families together to share memorable and thrilling moments. The strategy adopted by the airline is to add more capacity to the routes where they think they can significantly grow more traffic and draw in more business to increase their revenue share.

Starting 28th August 2018 the Chicago based carrier plans to start adding more flights and seats from major airports to these key football markets.

Some of the key hubs wherefrom the airlines wants to add flights is, of course, Chicago which is its home base, New York- Newark airport, Washington DC, Denver-Co, Houston-TX.

Then there are other originating hubs where they intend to deploy bigger planes as well like Chicago-IL, Denver-CO, Houston-TX, New York-Newark, San Francisco-CA.

Recently the airline added another roundtrip in the Bayou City, the flying between Houston and College Station.

Overall, United is adding flights on 17 routes from 11 airports near these major football campuses. 8 flight routes include Madison, Wisconsin, South Bend, Indiana, and State College, Pennsylvania is getting bigger planes to 6 different airports.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Football is a legitimate obsession here in Alabama with hundreds of thousands of fans flocking to see their favorite team play and Alabama Crimson Tide leads the list as a top seller in 9 states.

Grab a day special and watch the favorite stars play in teams such as the Yellow Hammer or the Big Bad Wolves.

Austin, Texas

 Texans contribute to the most of the sales of college football tickets; as much as 50% of the total ticket sales. There are other events worth watching for as well in Texas like the famous SXSW;  the Texas very own multimedia festival that lasts for 9 days and houses the perfect of tech, culture, music, weird gadgets, movies, TV reveals, celebrity Q&As it’s all there.

Florida is the 2nd top-purchasing state for college football events. Approximately 58% of regular season ticket sales is contributed by buyers located more than 120 miles away from these venues.

Check out some of the major airports close to big universities in case your favorite football team is about to play near any of these. Airports including Detroit, Columbus, Ohio, Oklahoma City are all about to get the long season boost this 2018 as well.

Here’s the highlight from StubHub’s 2nd annual NCAA College Football 2018 Preview of the hottest selling team and games worth waiting for. StubHub happens to be the leading forum to trade tickets for concerts and festivals and other sports events including football.

  • LSU vs. Miami is the most in-demand match this season
  • Alabama tops Michigan on StubHub’s and features in the “most in-demand list of teams” for the first time in five seasons.
  • Georgia makes it to the StubHub’s list for the 1st time in 5 seasons.
  • TCU sees the largest jump in the top 10 selling teams.
  • Big Ten is the most popular conference heading into the season straight for successive 5 years in a row.

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