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United Airline all Set to Replace 767 With Widebodied 787-10 Jets

May 15, 2018 Nency Willims 0Comment

United Airline is about to go for big widebody jets that are all set to replace nearly 50 Boeing 767 from its fleet, according to a report from the Reuters. The airline is in talks with Europe’s Airbus as well regarding its upgraded A330neo line. The deal is potentially worth $14 billion and insider sources confirm that it is already in talks with the Boeing over its new widebody long-haul jet -The Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

United hasn’t delved much on this and seems to be adopting a rather conservative approach to the latest proposal.

The Dreamliner B787-10 is the biggest version from Boeing yet and Singapore airline was the first one to fly all the three models of the 787 line. On the other hand going hasn’t been on an even keel for Airbus as it has lost several bids to the Boeing in the recent past over the long-haul, wide-body aircraft.

American airline has ordered 47 of the new 787 Dreamliners recently from Boeing, however, an order of 47 A330 neo was cancelled amidst Iran’s political loggerheads with the US. However Airbus seems confident about its new range but failed to comment anything about an ongoing talk with United.

The recent deal would prove to be highly beneficial for whichever company bags it. United is already engaged in discussions with the Airline Pilot Association that represents the pilots about the offing.

The B787-10s are well-suited for European destinations and according to a top source in United; they are all set to take the first 3 of these later this year.

Better capacity:

This makes United Airline possess all the 3 versions of this jet produced by the Boeing. They already have the B787-8 and the B787-9 jets in their fleet that accommodate 219 and 252 passengers respectively whereas the new B787-10 has several advantages over its predecessors. It is 18 ft longer than the B787-9 and can carry 40 more passengers than the 787-9.

Comfy seatings:

The aircraft has 318 seats that include 41 Flat-bed Business seats in their Polaris Business class, 21 in the Premium economy section, 45 Extra legroom economy with 208 economy coach seats.

Unmatched efficiency:

The Dreamliner 787-10 has several advantages and has already opened many promising routs through its earlier line of 787-8 and 787-9 jets. The aircraft offers unmatched efficiency with enhanced environmental performance and makes economical sense as it delivers high fuel efficiency- as much as 25% more as compared to the airplanes it is going to replace and has low maintenance as well.

Serves longer non-stop destinations:

The advanced new technology enables longer nonstop routes. It is already serving 170+ nonstop destinations. Other advantages include more flying days, faster speed with optimized fleet and network performance as well as more revenue from cargo.

Visionary design:

It has a visionary design that is lighter, composite in structure offering better fuel efficiency, advanced aerodynamics and a modern engine to go along with lots of passenger-pleasing features and an optimized flight deck. It has better, comfier personal space with wider overhead bins and bigger windows for better air view.

Enhanced performance:

It is a lot quieter and gives an overall calmer flying experience with advanced noise isolation from the engine, walls and ceilings together. On an average, it is 8 decibels quieter on departure and 3 decibels quieter, overall it cuts the noise footprint by 60%.

United’s gearing up for the new B787-10 to be flown from Newark. At the moment United is operating two widebody jets, the 767 and 777 from Newark. The airline is about to embark into new frontiers in travel with the new introduction.

This will bring a respite to United which had underperformed its peers like American and Delta. However, neither competitor flies the new model nor there is no likely possibility for them to have it anytime soon. This will make United a preferred choice in long-haul flights.

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