Venice Carnival – A Magical Experience

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Venice is a city of love, charm and renowned as one of the most romantic cities in Europe. It is also a city of music, romance and friendly people. Once you travel in this city, you’ll never ever forget its experience. The traveler will bound to fall in love with Renaissance inspired monuments, gondola rides and narrow canals.

Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival is celebrated 40 days before Easter and it is an annual festival in Venice. In the 13th century the Carnival was announced as a public festival.

Handmade pieces of art – Venice Carnival masks

The main attraction of this festival is the elaborated masks. Mysterious, dramatic and Queen of the Adriatic and a designer mask is carried by the people during this carnival. In the annual Venice festival, which points out the rise of Spring in the city is a mark of independence. The people of Venice wears masks to hide themselves and gaze freely into the atmosphere escaping the fear in a strong hierarchy. In the present time, celebration of carnival becomes one of the most awaited festival of Europe. Travelers can enjoy dancing and roaming around the streets with vigour and enthusiasm, it doesn’t matter what the clock has struck. You can do everything in one place with all heart in during the Venice Carnival.

Enjoy the Magical taste of delicious food during the Carnival 

Travelers can enjoy some unique pastries during the Carnival that will surely help you to give an immense feeling of taste. It is most awesome attractions of Italy, where travelers can taste multiple meticulous varieties of delicacies which is full of savor. Three delicious native niche desserts such as frittelle, Galano or Castagnoli can be a joyful moment in the carnival.

Venice Carnival 2018

Every year this festival is celebrating, but the date of this festival varies. The date is announced with a new carnival theme every year. You can participate in activities for the perfect mask or perfect dress or for both. For participation, you need to fill the form from the official website with all the relevant information.

January 27, 2018. Saturday

Fabulous Opening of the 2018 Venice Carnival will be held on 27th and 28th January 2018. Dinner of the Venetians “La Festa Veneziana” is the main attraction of this event. Performers and artists will engage the group of audience.

Date: January 28, 2018. Sunday

It will be the second day of the “La Festa Veneziana” Dinner. Water display is the headliner event of the day. Decorated and colorful water crafts will increase the attraction of the carnival.

February 03, 2018. Saturday

Begin of headliners (The Perfect Masked Costume Contest) will be hung on the “Gran Teatro” organize on St. Stamp’s Square with the competitor’s parade.

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