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Waive Off Your Airline Stress: Change and Cancellation Cost

June 30, 2017 Abhishek Mittal 0Comment

Let’s take this as an irony, flight rules for cancellation fees or penalty for any adherence has become flexible i.e. they can change anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

Today we as a vacationer face a lot of uncertain travel conditions that changes within no time. Uncertain conditions can be weather conditions, baggage charges, seat upgrades and it also includes terrorism or a torment virus. It can even happen with a pro: we need to change our flight plans but the charge is even higher than the ticket price. But not always, sometimes you can ditch a flight and get yourself a cheaper new ticket.

But how do we do it?

Let us see and figure out a few ways as to how you can avoid additional fees for flight change and cancellation;

  • The Forever 24 Hour Rule

If you have just pressed the pay tab, you are safe but until 24 hours. All the American Airlines gives a 24 hour window to their audience for cancellation and change without paying any frantic charges. There is a regulation by the US Department of Transportation that any refundable or non refundable ticket can be amended and cancelled without paying any charges, which also includes the bookings from any third party. There is one condition to this clause; the flight should be booked and cancelled before 7 days of boarding.

  • Educate yourself on your Airline’s Policy

Each airline has a different policy regarding the changes and cancellation debt. You should be well aware about each airline’s policy before making the bookings. For American Airlines the change charge is 200 $ while it comes down to 70-150 $ for Jet Blue and Virgin Airlines. Alaska Air waves off your charges if any change or cancellation is done before 60 days of flight departure. Above all is the Airlines which does not charge anything for any flight change. Only the difference amount has to be paid while availing a flight change.

  • Do not pay the Cancellation Charge before Hand

Cancellations are a must in case you cannot board the flight. If the flight has to be cancelled, do not pull the trigger then and there. Examine and wait till you see the grave beneath your eyes. If you’re lucky enough you might get a refund for your flight without paying any charges. This could hold up in certain conditions like delay in the flight departure time, weather which can interrupt the flight schedule and some more similar uncertainties. In these cases the flights would refund the entire amount. Be smart, this is a hack!

  • Raison d’être – Look for a Good Explanation

Lying or being dishonest sometimes won’t hurt more than being charged 200$ for a flight change. Yes you can lie! There are special exceptions like illness, life tragedy, extreme weather conditions and natural disasters which can exempt you from paying any charges. But make sure you are ready with the papers to prove your lie since no one would accept or believe your word of mouth.

  • Lesser Known Advantages

Sometimes we have a way out of a tough situation but we are not much aware about certain facts and hence we realize. The same are the below advantages which are uncommon but helpful.

  • If the airline makes changes to its schedule and the original departure time is affected by over 180 minutes then this would become an uncontrolled refund which means that the Airline would have to refund the wholesome amount without any deduction.
  • For instance you have booked your flights and sometime later you find a cheaper flight with the same airline,(yes this happens often) you can book the cheaper flight and the difference amount would be credited to your account. This is not a guaranteed advantage but if it’s your day you might get lucky.
  • If you travel often just get yourself a tool which would wave off your charges or give you a larger window for your cancellation rights. Tools like FareLock and Trip Flex can be purchased which helps you get a window of 7 days rather than 24 hours and some other benefits.

Never the less, some things are never in our control and catching a flight is on top of that list. There is always one last stand in case you’re unable to save some money;

Let go!

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