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What Terminal and Gate Does my Flight Departs From?

December 4, 2017 Pritam Majumdar 0Comment

Last year on 22nd December, my wife Jennifer and our two children, John and Suzanne, were set for a trip to see Mom & Dad in India. But the night before our flight, we seemed utterly confused as to a question of “How do I know what terminal and gate my flight departs from?” However, our neighbour Mr. And Mrs. Harrington suggested, “What’s wrong?” We replied that we couldn’t find the number of the terminal from which we were to depart from, on the ticket confirmation e-mail. Mr. Harrington said to us, “When you get to the airport after your check-in is complete, you’ll get the gate-number which will become visible upon the boarding pass which you shall receive at the airport.” He further advised us to check for the gate number for our departure, on the monitors that are present at the airport which reveals the departure information and the arrival times. The good elderly gentle-man also reminded us that we should report to the departure gate early and he gave us a friendly advice saying, “If you reach the departure gate later than the boarding time, you might miss your flight or might not be allowed onto the flight.” Heeding his advice certainly was for us, an advantage. We flew from Jacksonville, Florida to Calcutta, India without any trouble, and John & Suzanne enjoyed the flight. While as for Jennifer and me, we certainly had some real nap time.

Here are certain things you should give heed prior to flight, with regards to the query in hand “How do I know what terminal and gate my flight departs from?”

While all problems seem to be linked with one another, thus it would be a good to speak in details about some of the problems including the issue at hand.

  1. Not Taking into account, the travel time in reaching and at the airport:

While you’re travelling to major airports, it is not very uncommon for you to require an additional hour and/or a half to travel from either the parking lot to the train station etc. to the airport terminal of departure. Oh! And do not, and I say this solemnly, do not forget double-check which is the terminal from which your flight must depart from.

2.Stuffing Your Bag With Too Much Luggage:

Usually, you tend to carry a lot more luggage than you require. While you’re packing clothes, you’d stuff your bag with three to four clothes as extra (just in case you need) extra (just for the sake that you might need them). STOP DOING THAT!!! Excess luggage costs you know!

3.Not Planning the Budget:

It is very important that you plan a budget for your trip and keep track of the amount you’re spending. Since, if you don’t plan a budget and, God forbid, you might need money (either due to sickness or due to any other reasons), you’ll get yourself in trouble. So, it’s always being on the safe side to plan a budget before you fly.

4.Reaching Late:

As it is, it isn’t nice reaching late since punctuality is essential. Moreover, as I’ve mentioned before, reaching the departure gate late might lead you to miss your flight since after the boarding is complete, you’re hard to be allowed into the aircraft. As William Penn writes, “Time is what we want most, but… what we use worst.” And also says Theophrastus, “ time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.”

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