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Why travelling solo is good for you!

June 6, 2017 Nency Willims 0Comment

If travelling was free, we would probably never stick to one place for long.

Such is the beauty of traveling, that once we are back from our vacation, we are little more enlightened than we were before we started the trip. Exploring a new city, meeting people from diverse culture and background is bound to leave us in high spirits and a great deal wiser than we were.

While traveling in our clique is a lot more thrilling and fun-filled experience, travelling solo opens door to a lot of adventure and disco. Whoever said vacationing alone is not fun, should try going out alone once in their life.

Why? We give you plenty of reasons to take the step.

One, going solo is all about “alone” time getting entirely to focus on the destination. With friends, yes, it’s a lot more fun to share the joy ride, but discovering the aesthetic beauty of a new city has it’s own quirk. You are the sole decision maker to plan your travel guides and travel stops. Exhilarating feel, isn’t it? Taking a trip sheds deep insight about yourself and the “me time” that you probably needed.

Next, traveling solo means you see a whole new world with strangers from different parts of the world and learn about their culture and interact with the locals. They are more reliable to lead you in exploring the languages, the cuisines and local sites. You can be a part of all the activities and sight-seeing that the city has to offer.

Trip is a party with friends, but while on a solo trip, the whole journey is under your control. You plan your itinerary; choose your day destinations and that too on time. You are not accountable to anyone at that moment and it gives a sense of liberty and independence. Think for once about all the things you could avoid doing that you would have hated to do anyway, if you were with friends? Maybe you would have gone to try some cuisine that you didn’t have interest anyway, or be part of a group activity and waste time on it that you would have just done it for their sake. You see, you are your own boss at that moment and ready to kickass the trip.

Maybe you won’t have the stories of crazy nights and hilarious tales with friends, but the experience of the journey will be deep and who knows, you could meet up with new people who would make your trip, even more worthwhile with their experience.

Solo travel stories are often heard with great interest because it is difficult for most people to think of travelling alone. There is lot of inhibitions among people about going solo. But the fact that you have been there, and done that gives you an edge over others and lets you revel in your experience of narrating your tale of the trip.

The perfect thing about taking a trip alone is that it not only ups your confidence but makes you strong and independent. There is always a change in the personality about an individual post the trip. Doing everything alone in a new city among a completely different background of people is no small feat and finding your way out through everything boosts your confidence a top notch higher. Since, you have to do all the navigation and tackling problems alone, you will get better in doing things alone, later on.

You return a different person, a re-energized soul and a completely fresh perspective altogether. Travelling can open a whole new alternative on how you view yourself and the world. Think of the endless possibilities!

Waking up each day on a different place with a view, eating the local food and learning a thing or two about the native dialect, food habits, dance, art forms and other aspect of their culture leaves you enlightened and brimming with hope for coming trips.

Solo trips give you a chance to break from the routine and the monotony. We are often consumed by trivialities that it becomes difficult to break from the trip. So once in a while, grab the opportunity to pack your bags and fly alone to a new destination, a new place that could do you good. If you want to grow as a human and need a change, buy that plane ticket alone. Take the trip you want and come back refreshed and with a better mental health. Stay in dorms, hostels instead of the luxurious comforts of hotels and allow yourself for some enriching experience. You will be surprised to learn about the endless activities that you can pick for your tour, all alone.

Who knows, maybe you could turn up with an idea of starting your own travel blog and sharing your experience with the rest to see. The world needs a lot more of inspiration for solo travelers, and especially when you are a female, you need to show the world, exactly how it’s done and break free from the inhibitions.

Nency Willims

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I’m Nency Willims, a New York based travel writer by profession and lover of world cultures, languages, souls, food, oceans, wild spaces and urban places by nature.

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