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Passionate about Writing!!! Want to share your travel experiences with the World!! Then you have landed on just the right place. We have opened up our sites’ heart to our fellow readers and aspiring writers to come and join us in making FareMachine a platform to connect and explore together.

Certain Stipulations Needed for Guest Blogging

Our travel blog is open for everyone wishing to contribute in helping other travel souls as long as the beautiful piece written by you is uniquely written and fall within the circle of our requirement that are provided further down. It is not necessary that you have a blog of your own as long as you’re written blog is unique, spelled perfectly along with being free of grammar errors. However, if you do have a blog then we will ensure that we link the blog from our blog.

Travel is a vast area that has yet to be explored completely. So any topic you pick up, whether a personal travel experience or a piece on something unique happening locally, we accept all of them. You can also delve into lifestyle section also that gets influenced by the travel around the world which is another vast topic that accords ample number of writing options.

If you still have any doubt, you are always welcome to contact us anytime you feel like.

Required Guidelines:

  • Genuine: We only and only accept genuine blogs written as a fresh piece by you. Whether you pick an old topic or an overused idea for travel the information you provide should not be published on the Web anywhere. Google doesn’t accept such plagiarism and neither cant we.
  • A blog, article or statistics, whatever you provide should be at least 350 words long. Well this of course doesn’t apply in the case of photo essay.
  • At least three images integrated with your blog will be needed of 1024px wide and for portrait size 800px wide.
  • For more concrete and authentic information you can also send video links or embed them in your blog if you wish to.
  • In case you are comfortable with using HTML format for your writing, it will benefit us greatly as it is easier to post it online.
  • For back links and proper recognition for the work put in by you kindly provide profile image of yours along with links social platforms and a small bio.

Benefiting Mutually by Posting with Us:

Our Benefit:

  • We get more stories and blogs to post on our site to help and guide our readers.
  • We get to feature and explore more places around the world.

How You Benefit:

  • A ready platform and portal to share your experiences and stories.
  • A chance to showcase your writing abilities on a world read platform – FareMachine Blog.
  • An authentic link for your social profile or blog.

Still Thinking!! Start Writing

Your idea and our blog is a perfect combination for  hit travel story. Just pen down your ideas and writing piece and get in touch with us as soon as possible.

If you have an idea or even a story that’s ready to go – get in touch with us and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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