You Travel, We Pay – 8 Perfect Traveling Jobs You Should Eye

September 20, 2017 Abhishek Mittal 1Comment

Who on earth do not want to travel? We are humans and we itch to explore this world we are living in, but it costs us and hence we are not able to travel as much as we want to. Our finances and our employment do not allow us to travel as per our consent.

The past cannot be changed and we have no control on our future. The present is where we are living and only from the next second we can start changing the environment we are adapted towards. Let us check out some of the perfect jobs which allow you to travel the world and gain some insights:

Commercial Airlines Pilot

Traveling is the sole purpose of this occupation. You need yourself to be in a commendable position and strive a little to get an aero license. It feels good when every week you’re staying in some country you’re not aware about. Being a commercial airlines pilot would not only conquer your travel needs but also you’re paid well to fly the big machine and a few additional perks for your family like free flights or cheap flights is always in your cart.

Event Planners

How organized is your mind? To be an event manager you need to be a good advisor, planner and off course a traveler. Events do not happen in just one place, they take you touring the world from one location to the other. Today events are a major source of entertainment. It could be music, food, wedding, marketing, festival, auction, trade and it becomes countless thereafter. You are paid well and you have a good standard of living.

Travel Blogger/Writer

This is creativity. You travel and you learn about the difference in life and atmosphere of different places. Travel writer’s main motive is to wander around and convert that experience into words which becomes everlasting. If you have a good number of followers you are likely to succeed and earn amazingly well or if you have the title of a travel writer along with a good employer, it works the same way.

Cruise Jobs

You never settle down while you’re sailing. There are times when you do not see land for a couple of days. A vacation in cruise generally lasts for a few days and hence cruise recruits a lot of people. It includes bartender, dance hosts, casino dealers, chefs, bodyguards and many more. They pay you well, they make you travel and they give you a luxurious life to live in.


In how many languages can you roll your tongue? The more you know, the more you are likely to travel and earn. Translators live a serene life and can earn upto 5000 $ an hour. If you have a big tag behind your back, you have a chance to live your life. Translators travel across the globe to communicate with the world and remove the language barrier.

Travel Photographer

Photography is an art. Not everyone can pick up a camera and click a picture with the exact pixels, but if you can, don’t waste your art. Pick up your camera and start a freelancing schedule or get yourself into a travel organization. They need photographers, good photographers and if you’re good you can make a good amount of money.

Flight Attendant 

Flight Attendants usually have a busy flying schedule and it involves a lot of travel. Flying around the world and spending nights in different cities is happening and worthwhile. You do not require a specialized degree to get yourself into the flight. It is just a good customer service experience and how handsome you look.

Geography Scientist

To be one of these requires a good studious and knowledgeable background and if you have one get ready to explore the lands and the waters around the world. Geography includes presence of everything on this planet and to know about these things of different kinds we need the Geoscientists. Let us not talk about the earnings that you have or how much travel you will have to do. They are in abundance.

Traveling is a desire of everyone who exists. People travel for work, vacation or any sort of reason but more importantly they travel. It takes a bit of will power and strength to get yourself into a life which makes you travel and pay you for it. The more you travel the more you will learn and realize how important travelling is.

We at FareMachine urge you to travel and know what travelling can make you. Book economical flights with us and start to take over your travel schedules.

Happy Travelling!!

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